Table of Contents

1. DVDFab Enlarger A.I.

2. How DVDFab Enlarger A.I. Works to Upscale DVD to Blu-ray

3. How to Upscale DVD to Blu-ray Standard (480p to 1080p)

4. Using DVDFab DVD to Blu-ray Converter Software + Enlarger A.I. Solution

5. Alternative DVD to Blu-ray Converter Software Apps

6. Summary on How To Upscale DVD to Blu-ray


Many people don’t think it is possible to upscale DVD movies to Blu-ray efficiently. While their thoughts may not be too far from the truth, you should know that technology has made virtually everything one could imagine to become a reality.


Almost everyone already knows that it is possible to copy or rip a Blu-ray movie to DVD, but there hasn’t been a tech solution that allows for upscaling DVD movies to Blu-ray quality. Thanks to the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), a lot of things have become possible, including upscaling DVDs to Blu-ray.


DVDFab designed a DVD upscaling solution that utilizes artificial intelligence to transform DVD videos and movies into Blu-ray quality. It is the so far, the first and only most efficient technology that allows users to upscale their DVD movies. The solution is DVDFab Enlarger A.I.!


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1. DVDFab Enlarger A.I.


The DVDFab Enlarger A.I. is the world's first most efficient DVD upscaling solution. Using DVDFab Enlarger A.I., it is possible to upscale 480p videos to 1080p (FHD) quality, or upgrade 1080p (FHD) videos to 4K quality; this may sound unreal, but DVDFab Enlarger A.I. works excellently for this purpose.



Furthermore, this AI-based video solution can enlarge video images up to 300x more, adding crisp details to enhance the video. DVDFab Enlarger A.I. is designed with deep-learning, super-resolution algorithms, and so it can enhance video image resolutions, as well as sharpen the details.


If you’ve got an old DVD movie you still love to watch, DVDFab Enlarger A.I. will help to sharpen the video image details and upscale it to 1080p Full HD; thus, making the movie look like it’s a recent movie. Similarly, if you’ve got FHD videos, you can utilize this solution to upscale them to 4K.


There’s currently no other available software solution that offers DVD to Blu-ray upscaling asides DVDFab Enlarger A.I. Interestingly, this solution can be integrated into DVDFab software so that you can easily upscale your videos/movies while converting or ripping them to other video formats.


2. How DVDFab Enlarger A.I. Works to Upscale DVD to Blu-ray


DVDFab Enlarger A.I. enhances video details through intensive and complex computing. It goes on to utilize high-tech color correction algorithms (neural networks) to fill in tons of identical pixels to retain the original colors of the video objects/images during the DVD to Blu-ray upscaling process. Hence, the upscaled video (though more detailed and of higher quality) looks almost exactly like the old one.


Thanks to the several smart algorithms used in developing DVDFab Enlarger A.I., saturation, brightness, and contrast will be automatically well-balanced in an upscaled video. You’ll definitely not find any visible film grains, artifacts, or distortions on an enhanced video when you use DVDFab Enlarger A.I.


3. How to Upscale DVD to Blu-ray Standard (480p to 1080p)


All you need for this purpose is the DVDFab Enlarger A.I., download the software, and install it on your computer. It works together with quite many DVDFab software solutions, including DVDFab Video Converter, DVD Ripper, Blu-ray Ripper, and DVD to Blu-ray Converter software.


4. Using DVDFab DVD to Blu-ray Converter Software + Enlarger A.I. Solution


The guide below explains how upscale DVD to Blu-ray using DVD to Blu-ray converter software.


First Step:

dvdfab-dvd-to-blu-ray-converter-software Launch DVDFab 11 software on your computer and click on the “Copy” module. Select the copy mode from the “Profile Switcher” button at the top left corner. Choose “To Blu-ray” mode and then upload your DVD video.


Second step:


There are quite different ways to upload your DVD movie; you could simply drag the videos to the interface, or click the boxed plus (+) sign. Also, if you insert a disc into the computer, the disc movie will be automatically detected and uploaded to the interface.


Third step:


Tick the checkbox beside the "Enlarger A.I." option on the DVD movie info tab; once this option is selected, you have enabled DVDFab Enlarger A.I. to upscale your movie to 1080p (FHD) or 4k. Interestingly, DVDFab Enlarger A.I. supports three “quality” options: Premium quality, Ultra quality, and Ultra + Deblock quality. You can select any of these quality modes for your DVD movie.

When you select Ultra + Deblock mode, it removes blocky artifacts from old DVDs and low-res videos during the upscale process.


Fourth step:



This is an alternative step. If you’d wish to change the DVD movie codecs or some other advanced settings, click on the “Advanced Settings” icon. Similarly, if you wish to preview the movie before proceeding to convert and upscale it to Blu-ray, click on the “Play” icon. 


Last step:



When you are done with all the settings, click on the greenish “Start” button (found at the bottom-right) to start the DVD to Blu-ray upscaling process. You can choose to save the DVD as an ISO file, Movie Folder, or a movie server; the options are all available at the bottom of the DVDFab software interface.


Nevertheless, this process can take up long hours to complete. However, the DVDFab software solutions are backed with cutting-edge hardware engine to improve conversions and copying speeds.


What more?


The steps may seem too many (in writing), but in actual sense, you will complete all these steps in less than 2 minutes, thanks to the hardware acceleration engine that improves DVD upload speed. Also, if you have ever needed to copy DVD to Blu-ray discs, this is the perfect way to go about that; simply follow all the steps above, and then choose to save the upscaled movie to a blank Blu-ray disc from the “Save to” options available at the bottom.


This world-class, innovative DVD to Blu-ray upscaling solution can also be engaged when converting any video in-between formats using DVDFab Video Converter. At the moment, DVDFab Enlarger A.I. strictly works with other DVDFab software solutions. 


If you want to upscale your normal MP4 videos to 1080p (FHD) quality, below are the steps to achieve that using DVDFab Video Converter.



First step: launch DVDFab software and click on the “Converter” module to upload your videos.

Second step: click on the “Profile Switcher” button and select any of the options "Enlarger A.I."

Third step: you can choose to edit the video or adjust some of the video advanced settings 

Fourth step: click “Start” to convert the low-res video to high-res 1080p


5. Alternative DVD to Blu-ray Converter Software Apps


These applications are alternative software apps that can help to convert and upscale DVD movies to a decent-enough high-quality resolution. 


Note: the upscaling tech utilized by these software apps isn't AI-powered and lacks several high-tech algorithms on DVDFab Enlarger A.I. solution.


1. WinX DVD Ripper Platinum



When you don’t upscale your low-res (old) DVD video and play it on HDTV, you definitely will not enjoy the movie. Hence, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum provides support for a reliable DVD upscaling solution that will help to enhance your video and make it look much better. 


Interestingly, this software lets you upconvert DVDs to H.D. 1080p in different formats: MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, or HEVC. It promises of lossless conversions, as well as presents a pretty intuitive interface. Also, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum supports a built-in engine and deinterlacing functions to guarantee a 1:1 digital copy.


2. Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate



The Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate has proved to be a reliable alternative if you’re looking to upscale DVD to Blu-ray resolution. Although the app is not a DVD to Blu-ray converter software, it allows you to convert your DVD movie or video to 1080p resolution and in various formats. Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate supports a wide range of video formats, as well as an inbuilt video editor. 


To upscale your DVD using this software, after you have uploaded the movie, click on the “Enhance" button, and then check the “Upscale Resolution” option. There are other advanced options to smoothen your movie and make it look appealing when playing on HDTV or larger screens. However, this upscaling feature on Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate isn’t as advanced as DVDFab Enlarger A.I., and it doesn't offer different quality modes.


6. Summary on How To Upscale DVD to Blu-ray


The DVDFab Enlarger A.I. solution (at the moment) remains the best DVD to Blu-ray upscaling technology, and it only works with DVDFab products. More interestingly, this solution can be engaged with you want to copy DVD to Blu-ray discs using DVDFab’s DVD to Blu-ray converter software. 


In contrast, the alternative software apps included in this article only helps to convert regular videos or DVD movies to 1080p resolution. While they’d actually deliver a higher-quality video, they do not utilize advanced algorithms, and as such, movies/videos upscaled with DVDFab Enlarger A.I. appear much better and fancier.


Depending on your computer’s configurations, hardware, and RAM, the performance of DVDFab Enlarger A.I. may be a bit slow or very fast. Nevertheless, A.I. conversion processes can take long hours to complete.


DVDFab Enlarger A.I. solution runs smoothly on virtually all Windows systems, and it also has a MacBook version. This solution accepts DVDs, Blu-ray discs, ISO files, folders, and videos of different formats as "input". It then supports the following "output” profiles, Blu-ray discs, ISO files, folders, and various videos formats.


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