A file (whether audio or video) grabbed from iTunes will definitely not playback on any device that is not an Apple device. This is because of the FairPlay DRM tech used to protect iTunes files. Thus, if you ever need to tweak, convert, or use iTunes files on other devices, you must have to strip the file from DRM. This article is going to explain DRM (Digital Rights Management), how you can remove this DRM from iTunes music, and also the best software programs for iTunes DRM removal.


1. What is DRM?


Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a scheme used to restrict the unauthorized usage of copyrighted digital media files downloaded from specific platforms.


2. How to Remove DRM from iTunes?


To do this, you need an iTunes DRM removal software; this software may be available as a video converter, audio converter, or simply a DRM removal software.


2.1 Remove DRM from Apple Music


Ever since Apple Music was launched, it is gradually proving more relevant than iTunes. However, Apple Music files are also protected with Apple’s FairPlay DRM scheme. With DVDFab DRM Removal software (or you can choose one of the software apps listed below), you can remove DRM from Apple Music files.


Steps for DRM Removal:




  • Install DVDFab 11, launch the software on your PC or MacBook and go the “Utilities” tab.

  • From the “Utilities” tab options, click on “DRM Removal for Apple” to install the extension app.

  • Once DRM Removal for Apple completely installs, it'll launch automatically, and you’ll need to connect your iTunes account with the software to gain access to your Apple files.

  • You can choose to upload the DRM-protected Apple files from your local storage OR import them directly from your iTunes library.

  • After uploading the playlist, Apple music, or DRM videos, click on the “Start” button on DVDFab DRM Removal software interface to “remove” DRM protection from the selected (uploaded) files.


The removal process may take a couple of minutes, depending on the number of tasks (files) you triggered. Alternatively, you can use another DRM Removal Software, but the DVDFab DRM Removal for Apple is arguably the best at the moment.


2.2 Remove DRM from iTunes Movies


Whether it is an iTunes movie or iTunes music, a DRM removal software will work to remove the digital copyright protection on the file so you could play it on portable media devices.

The steps to remove DRM from iTunes movies or songs are the same as what is explained above for Apple Music files. You can also use the DVDFab DRM Removal for Apple or choose from other options below.



3. Top 10 DRM Removal Software 2020


Using either of these software apps mentioned here, you can stripe your iTunes Movies and Apple Music files from DRM protection; hence, you can further convert them into other digital media formats for playback on specific devices.


1. DVDFab DRM Removal for Apple [link]




DVDFab DRM Removal software will help to remove DRM from Apple Music songs, furthermore, it could help to remove DRM from iTunes movies if you choose the option “For Video” on the above. The software is packed with advanced technologies and works for songs, videos, movies, and audiobooks. More interestingly, this DRM removal software from DVDFab works faster than most other alternatives you can get; plus, it is available for both Windows and macOS computers.


When you use DVDFab DRM Removal software, it completely removes the DRM forever. More so, the software assures of lossless audio or video conversions; meaning, it’d losslessly convert your DRM-protected Apple music file to a DRM-free media file. Hence, you can playback the song or movie on portable media players, smartphones, and tablets that are not Apple products.


Furthermore, this software will also help to remove DRM from iTunes music – it supports batch processing and features a super-intuitive interface.



2. M4VGear iTunes Media Converter [link]





This software helps you convert Apple's M4P, M4B, and M4V iTunes files to typical media formats such as MP4 and M4A. It is a classical DRM removal software from M4VGear – iTunes Media Converter features a clean interface that is easy to use and supports batch upload. M4VGear iTunes Media Converter works at a decent speed; plus, it can directly convert the iTunes file to various output formats for media players and portable devices (consoles, phones, tablets, etc.).


You will need to connect your iTunes library or upload the DRM-protected rentals from your PC’s local drive. This iTunes Media Converter is available for Mac and Windows OSes.


3. Tuneskit Audio Converter [link]





As the name suggests, this Tunskit software will help to strip your iTunes/Apple Music files from DRM protection. This iTunes DRM removal tool works as an audio converter and includes support for a ton of digital output formats. Also, the Tuneskit Audio Converter process multiple tasks at a fast speed, supports batch processing and works for removing DRM from Apple Music, iTunes music, or audiobooks from iTunes. Depending on your computer’s operating system, Tuneskit offers Windows OS and macOS versions of this software.


Furthermore, thanks to the modern audio technologies used on this software, it is one of the best iTunes DRM Removal software.



4. SoundTaxi Professional [link]




There are quite a lot of software offerings from SoundTaxi, but its “Professional” software application lets you remove DRM from iTunes and Apple Music files. This iTunes DRM removal software has a professional version that comes with a variety of features and support for multiple digital media formats. Also, SoundTaxi Professional ships with a free CD Ripper, and you can strip your entire iTunes library at a go, thanks to the batch-processing tech. Among the top software apps for creating DRM-free media files, SoundTaxi Professional is a worthy mention.


5. Aimersoft DRM Media Converter [link]




With Aimersoft DRM Media Converter software, it is possible to remove DRM protection from any audio file you download or purchase from iTunes and Apple Music. The software works as expected and boasts of modern audio technologies. Interestingly, this software works for converting other audio files and not just DRM-protected files. If you are looking for the answer to how to remove DRM from Apple music and want to convert other audio as well, you can try this one. It is a comprehensive solution for audio conversion; however, you cannot strip iTunes videos and movies from DRM protection using this software – it is mainly for audio conversion.


Furthermore, the Aimersoft DRM Media Converter supports multi-threading, as well as advanced settings panel where you can tweak your audio settings.



6. Ondesoft iTunes Converter for Mac [link]


Specifically designed for MacBook users, Ondesoft iTunes Converter for Mac is a professional iTunes DRM removal software for removing DRM from iTunes music and audiobooks. The software also works for Apple Music files and features a neatly-designed interface that is easy to understand. Users can customize their audio files by tweaking the bitrate, sample rates, and other advanced settings.




Ondesoft iTunes Converter for Mac is free to download and promises of lossless conversions of DRM-protected iTunes files. You can remove DRM from iTunes movies as well.



7. Sidify Apple Music Converter [link]




Although this is tagged as an Apple Music Converter software, it also works iTunes audio files to remove DRM from apple music. The Sidify Apple Music Converter retains your Apple Music ID tags and assures of lossless conversions to popular audio formats. With support for up to 20X speed, this software is one of the fastest you can use if you own a MacBook. However, there's a Windows version for PC users, and the additional features of Sidify Apple Music Converter are just what you will want in your preferred iTunes DRM removal software.



8. Pavtube ChewTune [link]




This Pavtube DRM remover and converter software work for iTunes and Apple music files. It is a reliable software with support for contemporary features you’d seek on a DRM removal software. Pavtube ChewTune is designed with NVIDIA’s CUDA acceleration technology – it is pretty fast and supports batch conversion of iTunes playlists. Also, this iTunes DRM removal software accepts a wide range of input formats, as well as supports a ton of digital output formats.


Unlike the DRM audio converters on this list, ChewTune accepts both DRM-protected audios and DRM-protected videos. ChewTune looks to be a considerable alternative to DVDFab’s DRM Removal for Apple, even though it lacks the extensive features that are available on DVDFab’s software.



9. NoteBurner M4V Converter [link]




Here is a professional iTunes DRM removal software that helps to remove DRM from iTunes movies. The NoteBurner will accept your copyright-protected iTunes movie and turn it to an MP4 video so you can playback on portable media players. There are other digital video formats supported by this software, and it supports up to 20X speed on Windows computers. Interestingly, this iTunes DRM removal software will retain AC3 Dolby 5.1 audio when converting the iTunes movies to "Lossless MP4" format. Furthermore, users can customize the video output and enjoy a seamless DRM removal process.



10. Tunebite Premium [link]




Tunebite is designed for audio and video conversions with support for iTunes and Apple Music DRM-protected files. The software is quite easy to use if you are looking for a good way to remove DRM from iTunes movies, and it flaunts an easy-to-navigate interface for you to remove DRM from apple music. It is one of the best DRM Removal Software you can find for Windows computers. Interestingly, over a hundred video and audio formats are supported by Tunesbite; plus, the software also works for copy-protected DVDs.



4. What is the future of Apple DRM?


Apple Music launched with many interesting features, including allowing subscribers to stream their private collections via iCloud Music Library. Nevertheless, both the private collections you play via the platform and original Apple Music tracks seem to be locked Apple’s FairPlay DRM, and this is unlike iTunes Match service – which is DRM-free. Hence, subscribers find it a bit difficult to match their tracks with the two services.


However, Apple had just started rolling out built-in support for iTunes Match for Apple Music subscribers. This is quite good news as subscribers’ personal (non-Apple) tracks are now matched with iTunes Store catalog and would display as “Matched” or “Uploaded” when you access your library from another device.


As it stands, while DRM Matching is no more (for private tracks), all tracks gotten from Apple Music catalog will remain protected with the digital copyright protection – FairPlay DRM, that’s why you would still need a handy iTunes DRM removal software.


Furthermore, thanks to Audio Fingerprinting, one of Apple Music subscribers' most significant problems is gone – your personal tracks not being locked with DRM, making them freely playable on other devices/players.


Important Notice:

The moment you stop subscribing to Apple Music service, an audio file that isn’t saved on your device won’t be available on your iCloud Music Library.


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