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Part1 1: What Kind of Damaged DVD And Blu-Ray Files Can Be Recovered?
Part1 2: How To Get Data From Damaged DVD
Part1 3: Safe Ways To Store Your DVDs and Blu-rays
Part1 4: Summary:


Discs remain one of the best storage locations for most people. You could burn different files to a disc, and they'll remain there forever. However, discs are liable to scratches, and when this happens, your disc player (PC or hardware) may find it difficult to read the disc's content. Thus, there might be no possible way to retrieve the important data you stored on the disc. This can be a very challenging situation, but you shouldn't be so scared of things.


When you're faced with a damaged or scratched DVD/Blu-ray, one of the best ways to retrieve the data stored inside is by using a Blu-ray/DVD recovery software. Interestingly, this article reviews the best DVD recover software, and provides detailed guide on how to recover data from damaged DVDs and Blu-rays.


However, before we continue, it is important to say that not all damaged DVDs are still readable. Some DVDs get badly damaged to the extent that you can't get anything from them. This happens, most especially when the DVD is severally cracked. But let's look at the king of discs you can be able to recover files from.


What Kind of Damaged DVD And Blu-Ray Files Can Be Recovered?


When there are lots of fingerprint grime on the disc, it could prevent the disc reader from reading the disc's content. But the DVDFab Media Recover for DVD can help to recovers files from such discs. Also, discs with minor damages such as scratches on the disc's surface can be accessed and read by DVDFab Media Recover for DVD.


Similarly, if your disc is Blu-ray, DVDFab Media Recover for Blu-ray will help to recover the content of scratched Blu-ray discs. Typically, the types of damaged discs (DVDs or Blu-rays) that can pass a recovery process are such with perpendicular scratches or circular scratches.


However, while perpendicular scratches seem less a problem and you can easily recover data from discs with such damage, circular scratches are more intense, and the chances of recovering data from such damaged discs is arguable.


But it doesn't matter how your DVD or Blu-ray got damaged; if you noticed that your player or reader is unable to play or read the content of your disc (DVD/Blu-ray), firstly, carry out some quick DIY tips to see if you can retrieve its content. If the DIYs fails, then you can find solace on DVDFab Media Recover for Blu-ray or DVDFab Media Recover for DVD.


How To Get Data From Damaged DVD


There are a couple of DIY tips that can help you repair damaged discs. This includes applying wax on the disc and rubbing it off gently. Another method can be to damp a microfiber towel in warm water and use it to gently rub on the disc's surface to clean off dirt, dust, and grimes.


However, most of these DIY methods to repair damaged discs involve rubbing a cloth against the disc's surface. While they are capable of making your disc(s) readable again, they are also likely to cause more damage if care is not taken.


Hence, it is advisable to use software to recover data from scratched DVDs and Blu-rays. The DVDFab Media Recover for Blu-ray/DVD is arguably the best DVD recover software. It allows you to get back your files from scratched CD, DVD , and Blu-ray.


DVDFab Media Recover for Blu-Ray/DVD


With this software, your worries over scratched or damaged DVDs are over. DVDFab Media Recover for Blu-ray/DVD lets you scan ISO files and folders for damaged, incomplete, or corrupted media files. It supports up to three (3) distinctive repair modes and other handy features for discs' repair.


How To Use DVDFab Media Recover for DVD


Here's a clear guide on how to retrieve data from damaged discs using DVDFab's solution. Firstly, you will need to download and install the software on your PC, and then run the installer to download it from DVDFab's server.


Step One:


DVDFab's server


Insert the scratched DVD or Blu-ray into your PC's disc ROM or Blu-ray drive. Select a scanning mode between "Quick Scan," "Deep Scan," and "Custom Scan."


Step Two:


quick Scan


You will need to add a "Directory" or choose a "Folder" where this software will look for the DVD/Blu-ray file and scan for errors. It is possible to select different directories. Also, depending on the scan mode you selected , the time it takes to scan your disc differs.


Step Three:


choose a folder


When the scanning is completed, you will be provided with a list of issues/errors detected on the disc. Check the box next to the detected issues, and click on "Repair." After the repair is done, click on "Finish" to return to the main interface.


What More?


These are the simple steps to recover files from corrupted DVDs and Blu-rays. After the repair/recovery is complete, you can play the resulting video file(s) with DVDFab Player 6 software.


Furthermore, after the repair, you may want to save the DVD in another format to avoid losing it again. DVDFab offer a couple of DVD solutions to allow you convert and save your movies in digital formats to avoid dealing with damaged/scratched discs anymore.


Safe Ways To Store Your DVDs and Blu-rays


You can rely on DVDFab DVD Copy and DVD Ripper solutions to convert your DVD movies to digital formats or ISO format – this way, they won't suffer any damage. Similarly, DVDFab also provides Blu-ray Copy and Blu-ray Ripper solutions for handling Blu-ray discs. Below are ways to store your DVDs safely using DVDFab DVD/Blu-ray solutions.


1. Convert DVD and Blu-Ray to Digital Formats


This requires DVDFab DVD Ripper or Blu-ray ripper. The software allows you to import DVD/Blu-ray movies (as many as possible) and rip them to different digital formats. You will also get to customize the video settings, adjust the bitrate , and other important values.


convert dvd and blu-ray to digital formats


DVDFab DVD/Blu-ray Ripper supports the world's first AI Enlarger solution (sold separately) to allow you to upscale the fixed movies while converting to digital formats. More so, you can import and run multiple movies at a go. The interface of DVDFab DVD Ripper is super-intuitive and easy for anyone to understand.


2. Copy to ISO or Folder


Another alternative to ripping DVDs and saving them as digital formats is to copy DVD as ISO files or DVD folders. When you copy DVDs to ISO format, the content remain untouchable for as long as you wish. ISO files are much safer than having the movies of files saved on a disc. Similarly, you can save the repaired DVD titles as a "Folder."


copy to iso or folder


Interestingly, DVDFab DVD Copy software helps to make these possible. It allows you to copy DVDs as ISO or Folder files. Flaunting an intuitive interface with support for many extensive features, DVDFab DVD Copy is the top best copy software for DVDs and Blu-rays .




To sum it up, this article has detailed how to recover data from unreadable DVD using a reliable software. Hence, when faced with a damaged DVD problem, simply download the DVDFab Media Recover for DVD or Blu-ray to retrieve your files.


More so, if you wish to rip or copy the repaired DVD movie/video so that it won't be lost, DVDFab offers DVD/Blu-ray Copy and Ripper solutions. They are easy to use and comes with a variety of cutting- edge features (including AI upscaling features) to make your videos outstanding.