top 5 movie maker to dvd converters 

Table of Contents

1. How To Save Movie Maker To DVD
2. Top 5 WMV to DVD Converters
3. What More about Converting Movie Maker to DVD?
4. How To Burn Video To DVD
5. How to Convert WMV to Other Digital Video Formats?
6. Summary

Just as Apple provided its macOS users with a comprehensive built-in video converter suite – QuickTime, Microsoft provided Windows OS users with a built-in Movie Maker utility to help them create homemade videos and movies. Videos and movies created with this built-in Windows video suite are saved in WMV format. WMV is a digital format; however, it cannot be played on DVD. There have been situations where people look outlookout for how to save movie maker to DVD to play it on their DVD players. Well, that's not a difficult task; with; with a reliable movie maker to DVD converter software, you can achieve this swiftly.

How To Save Movie Maker To DVD

To save a movie maker video to DVD simply means to burn the video to a disc (DVD). This is achievable using a DVD Creator software or a professional video converter software with support for DVD burning. When you burn your .wmv file to DVD, then you can play it on a DVD player and enjoy a a clearer view/resolution. 

Interestingly, you can find a bunch of software applications out there that can allow you to burn DVDs or convert videos in-between formats. However, you should select carefully, and here, we have listed the top best movie maker to DVD converters you should try out.

Top 5 WMV to DVD Converters

These software applications work on Macs and Windows computers. They are pretty intuitive and serve for the purpose.

1. DVDFab DVD Creator


DVDFab DVD Creator is arguably the best software that helps to create DVDs from quite many video formats. It is an advanced software with a bunch of important built-in tools for DVD creation. With DVDFab DVD Creator, you can create a custom DVD menu (from a vast collection of beautiful templates) for your videos and movies, as well as adjust several video settings that would make your video stand out when played back on your DVD player or DVDFab Player 6.


More interestingly, the interface of DVDFab DVD Creator supports batch processing, which means that you can upload as many movie maker videos as you wish and burn to a blank DVD.

How to Burn Movie Maker Video to DVD with DVDFab DVD Creator


First Step:

dvd creator step 1

Download and install DVDFab DVD Creator on your Windows or MacBook computer. After installation, launch the program, click on the "Creator" tab, and upload your WMV movies. You can drag and drop the videos on the DVDFab DVD Creator interface or click the upload button to browse your local disk.

Second Step:

dvd creator step 2

Click the “Advanced Settings” button if you’d love to adjust the MVW movie settings. Also, to set a menu for your new DVD, click the “Menu” button. DVDFab DVD Creator allows you to make your video “fit to disc,” as well as presents other handy features you may need for DVD creation.


Third Step:


Insert a blank disc (DVD) into your computer’s DVD ROM and select your disc from the “Save To” box on the bottom of the DVDFab DVD Creator interface. Afterward, click the "Start" button to burn your WMV file to DVD.

This is how to burn maker video to DVD.


2. Wondershare DVD Creator


The Wondershare DVD Creator is a reliable software that allows you to turn your WMV videos into DVD movies. It supports quite a lot of features and comes with a built-in video editor, so you can perform some quick editing before converting/burning your videos. Also, Wondershare DVD Creator flaunts a clear-cut interface that anyone can easily understand irrespective of his/her technical knowledge.


Furthermore, you can create custom menus for your DVD with Wondershare DVD Creator. Undoubtedly, this software is one of the most reliable DVD creator apps you can get for Windows or macOS. It accepts multiple video formats as input, and turn them to DVD as fast as possible


3. Any DVD Converter

dvd converter

When looking for how to burn video to DVD, this software should be among your top choices. It is one of the best Windows movie maker videos to DVD converter. Any DVD Converter supports a variety of video formats as input and can convert them to quite a bunch of digital output formats. Interestingly, this DVD converter software supports DVD burning; hence, it can help you burn your WMV video to a blank DVD disc so that you can enjoy on a DVD player.


The software has a distinctive interface that is easy to navigate and use. More so, it is possible to upload more than one WMV movie file at a go. However, Any DVD Converter doesn’t support an advanced settings menu where you can adjust certain video parameters for your DVD movie.


4. RZ DVD Creator

rz dvd creator

Still looking for how to burn video to DVD? RZ DVD Creator is an ideal alternative to DVDFab DVD Creator software. It supports DVD burning and allows you to turn your WMV movies into DVD movies in quite simple steps. The software is available for Windows users and flaunts an intuitive interface.


Using the RZ DVD Creator is fast, and you can convert multiple movie maker videos to DVDs at ease. With support for other video formats, this DVD creator allows you to turn any video on your computer to a DVD movie. Nevertheless, it does not support custom DVD menus. If you’d really need to create a menu for your video, you should try other software apps shortlisted here.


5. DVDSoft DVD Creator

dvdsoft dvd creator

Just as the other DVD creator software apps on this list, this one from DVDSoft is really impressive and works perfectly for converting movie maker videos (.wmv) to DVD. The interface provided by this software is such that anyone could easily understand and use it. Thanks to the batch upload support, you can upload multiple WMV files and burn them to a blank disc (DVD).


More so, the DVDSoft DVD creator supports a built-in video editor module that features basic video editing tools. You can beautify your WMV video before burning it to disc. This software is generally suitable for DVD burning; it supports quite a wide range of video formats as input and works on all Windows computers.


What More about Converting Movie Maker to DVD?


Converting and burning Windows Movie Maker video to DVD isn’t rocket science when you use either of these movie maker to DVD converters (preferably, DVDFab DVD Creator).

Furthermore, you may want to know how to burn video to DVD, like burning your normal videos (not just WMV) to DVD.


How To Burn Video To DVD


If you have a video file you’d love to burn to DVD so you can enjoy it on your DVD player, these are the steps to follow:


Firstly, you’ll need to download DVDFab DVD Creator software; it is an all-inclusive DVD burner and creator software with support for multiple video formats. After you have installed this software on your computer (MacBook or PC), follow the steps below.




  • Launch DVDFab DVD Creator and click on "Creator."

  • Upload the video (mp4, MPEG, mov, etc.)

  • Configure the video settings in "Advanced Settings" and set the menu from "Menu."

  • Select your DVD disc from the “Save To” box at the bottom

  • Click “Start” to burn your video(s) to DVD immediately.


Furthermore, it is very possible to convert your WMV videos to other video formats. Apparently, some portable media players do not support WMV format; you need to convert the file to a generally accepted format such as MP4, MOV, MKV, and others. With DVDFab Video Converter software, you can easily convert WMV videos to various digital formats.


How to Convert WMV to Other Digital Video Formats


DVDFab Video Converter is a leading video conversion software; it is the first video converter software to support an AI enlarger solution that allows you to upscale video images up to 300%. Interestingly, this software is available for macOS and Windows computers. It features an intuitive interface, supports batch conversion, as well as includes a built-in video editor panel. With DVDFab Video Converter software, you will be able to convert WMV files to MP4 or any other video format easily and quickly.


Follow the steps below:



  • Download and install DVDFab Video Converter software on your computer (Mac or PC)

  • Launch DVDFab 11 and select "Converter."

  • Upload your WMV video files; you can drag them to the interface, and you can upload more than five (5) at a go.

  • Select an output profile for your video. DVDFab Video Converter supports device-specific formats; click on the "Device" tab to choose your mobile device.

  • Click the “Video Edit” icon to edit the video, select “Enlarger AI” (sold differently) if you want to upscale the video, and click the "Advanced settings" if you want to tweak the video parameters.

  • Select an output folder for the video and click “Start” to trigger the video conversion process.




This article covers how to burn video to DVD, particularly Windows Movie Maker videos (.wmv). The DVDFab DVD Creator is the best movie maker to DVD converter, and it also works for other formats, check out more for how to rip DVD to other digital video formats.