Table of Content

Part 1: MakeMKV DVD Ripper – An Overview
Part 2: MakeMKV – A few features of the DVD Ripper
Part 3: How to Use MakeMKV to Rip DVD?
Part 4: Should you go with MakeMKV? 
Part 5: A Few Pros and Cons
Part 6: Do You Need MakeMKV Registration Key?


If you are looking for an efficient free DVD ripper tool, nothing can beat the experience of  MakeMKV DVD ripper. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux, the tool is completely free to use. The absolute world-class performance that delivers a perfect DVD ripping capability can be what makes it one of the prime options. 

MakeMKV DVD Ripper – An Overview


MakeMKV has a very simple name and does not come up with heavy video editing gimmicks. The tool comes with advanced features and functionalities that would be helpful in ripping DVDs and Blu-ray movies, making it one of the prominent options for the top 10 DVD ripping software tools you would find. 

MakeMKV is extremely easy to use and simple in its functionality. You will need to insert the disc into the drive, make the program to analyse the contents and save it to your hard drive. The MKV is the only output format on the program that you can use. No matter whether you are ripping a DVD or Blu-ray, the output format will always be MKV, and that should explain the name. 


MakeMKV – A few features of the DVD Ripper

MakeMKV has been one of the great options for achieving an effective DVD ripping. One of the prime factors you will notice with the tool lies in the fact that it does not compress your original video, but simply converts the video into the MKV format. 

Some of the features of the tool worthy of mentioning can include 


Usability and Interface 

The MakeMKV DVD ripper tool comes with a wide range of simple and easy to follow features. Since it is s simple program, you would find it extremely simple and easy to use. There is not much you need to configure at all. You simply need to configure the output format for the ripped DVD file, and you are good to go. 

The tool also works with your ISO files if you have saved them on your PC. MakeMKV offers you an easy to use and simple interface for all your needs in ripping your DVDs, Blu-rays and even the HD DVD formats that were in use before. 



MakeMKV does not compress your files. That is exactly why it does not strain your PC or its resources. The product does not have any GPU acceleration and video transcoding involved. That would make your video editing and DVD ripping an easy to follow option and a faster one at that. 

The speed you would get in terms of data transfer would be dependent on the speed of your optical drive. If your drive supports a 24x speed, you should ideally be able to rip a 4.7 GB file in just under 4 minutes. 


How to Use MakeMKV to Rip DVD?


The steps involved in how to rip DVD with MakeMKV are quite simple and easier. 


Step 1: Add your file

You need to simply add your file by inserting your DVD in the optical drive. The tool will detect your file and add it automatically. If you have an ISO file saved on your device, you can use the Open Files option to add files. 

How to use MakeMKV

Step 2: Analyse the Disc

As soon as you open the disc or file, MakeMKV begins analysing it. There is practically nothing you need to do at this stage. 

Step 3: Confirm the titles 

MakeMKV lists the titles available on the source disc or source file. You can leave the titles you do not need and configure ripping the titles you want to rip. 

Step 4: Begin ripping your DVD 

Start ripping your DVD by clicking on Save selected files option. You will need to create an output folder for the purpose. 


Should you go with MakeMKV?


MakeMKV is currently free, and the developers claim that the DVD Ripping capability will remain free forever. If you are looking for the Blu-ray ripping features, you may need to opt for the paid option. The tool comes with a streamlined performance and offers you access to an enhanced ease of use. 

The tool is capable of offering you the highest quality of ripping. One of the prime aspects we loved the most with MakeMKV is that it does come with a no frills applicability. You would also find it working effortlessly with other tools such as Handbrake which is yet another added advantage. You can check out Handbrake as an alternative and take up a Handbrake vs MakeMKV


A Few Pros and Cons


As with any software, MakeMKV also comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. 

A few of the Pros and Cons you would come across can include:


  • 100 per cent free with no watermarks
  • Cross-platform compatibility 
  • Can rip even the copy-protected DVDs 
  • Faster ripping process 


  • Uses MKV as the only output format 
  • It won’t choose the titles on its own and needs confirmation from you. 


Do You Need MakeMKV Registration Key?


If you are looking to use the Blu-ray ripping functionality on MakeMKV, you need to get a MakeMKV registration code. You can get access to the MakeMKV key when you are checking out the MakeMKV download options on the official site. 

You can opt for MakeMKV beta for now and get MakeMKV beta key. If you are using MakeMKV for DVD ripping alone, you will not need a MakeMKV key.  


The Concluding Thoughts


MakeMKV is indeed one of the excellent options for a great one-click solution for almost all your needs in an enhanced experience. The functionality offered by the tool would indeed make it a perfect choice for all your requirements in transcoding your videos. 

Check out the tool and find what it has in store for you! MakeMKV DVD rip tool is a great option for all your DVD ripping requirements.