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Part 1: Handbrake – An Overview
Part 2: What makes Handbrake DVD rip a great option? 
Part 3: What makes Handbrake a great option? 
Part 4: A Few Pros and Cons 
Part 5: FAQs

If you are into video editing and other video-related tasks, we are sure that you have been using Handbrake. In fact, it is one of the excellent options for almost all your needs in an enhanced experience and traces its origins to the days when it was a Mac-only software. 

Handbrake – An Overview

Handbrake- like we already mentioned – was initially a mac only product and went into offering a product portfolio for PC as well. The tool focusses more on a wide range of video encoding capabilities such as DVD ripping. 

DVD ripping apart, the tool also offers you an excellent service quality as a video converter as well. The huge range of features makes it one of the prominent options for the best top 10 DVD ripping software options in almost all software reviews. 

What makes Handbrake DVD rip a great option? 

There are several options that make Handbrake a great and perfect option ever. What makes it one of the huge options for almost all your specific options ever. 

A few features we found an interesting option can include 

A cleaner interface 

The Handbrake DVD rip software provides you with a huge range of features, and despite this fact – the tool comes with a host of advanced features and options. The sleek interface further makes it a reliable option ever. However, if you are a beginner, you would find it a little intimidating. The interface is cleaner, but you may take a while to get used to it. 

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DVD Ripping Capability 

The DVD Ripping capability offered by Handbrake DVD rip is one of the best. You would need to run Handbrake as an administrator for a better Handbrake rip DVD performance capability. You can simply choose between the requisite output formats as per your needs. If you wonder how to rip DVD with Handbrake, the features offered here should provide you with an excellent choice. 

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Video Converter Capability 

The video converter option lets you enjoy a huge range of conversion options in tune with your devices. The device-specific pre-sets can further make it one of the thoughtful options ever. You have plenty of options available for selecting your video file and convert it into any format of your choice that includes specific devices, Matroska formats and even a few web options. 

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Preview functionality 

Before you can convert a video, you can preview your video and check if the output video is designed in the same manner that you had expected it to. If you notice any changes, it would rather be easier to make the necessary changes right in time. 

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Batch processing compatibility 

The batch processing and multiple file handling are one of the excellent options that would make Handbrake a feat solution in almost every respect. You can add up a huge number of files and processes to the program and can let the system work on its own when you are not at your disk. 

What makes Handbrake a great option? 

Handbrake does have its users spread across every region of the world. Almost 18 per cent of Handbrake users come from the US. The software provides you access to a host of wonderful options that ideally makes it one of the prominent choices for DVD Ripping, Video conversion and a wide range of other exciting video-related tasks. 

A few of the features that would make it one of the high-end options can include the following: 

  • Handbrake is completely free and open-source. The Handbrake rip DVD funtion is exactly what makes it one of the excellent options for a high-end functionality. Handbrake – despite being a free software – offers you almost all the features that a paid software comes with. 
  • Handbrake and its user interface are quite similar to the mac interface. That is exactly why the software finds a large user base in the US. 
  • It can be a great option if you are wondering how to rip DVD with Handbrake. 

A Few Pros and Cons 

A few of the Pros and Cons offered by the software can include 


  • Completely free and easy to use 
  • It can even handle Blu-ray discs as long as your computer supports them. 
  • A high degree of customisation options 


  • The number of video formats is limited 
  • If you are looking to rip a DVD with Handbrake, you are out of luck
  • It may crash at times when you use Handbrake to rip DVD
  • Handbrake won’t rip an entire DVD. 

The Bottom Line 

Handbrake is a complete and open-source solution. The Handbrake rip DVD feature can help you get your tasks done within a few minutes. It can help rip your DVDs to your heart’s content. The availability of a huge list of pre-sets should further make it a reliable solution ever. 


Is Handbrake Safe? 

Handbrake is safe, and there are no issues whatsoever with the software from the security point of view. Of course, it is an open-source tool, and there are chances that malicious codes can be injected into it. Make sure that you are downloading the tool from official sources 

Is Handbrake legal? 

Yes, it is legal to use Handbrake. In essence, it does not let you rip copy-protected DVDs, and that would further make it a reliable option from a legal point of view. 

Does handbrake reduce video quality?

Handbrake rip DVD feature can reduce the size of a video without losing the quality of the video. It a convert your video from one format to another without losing the quality.