There is always this DVD movie you wish to always see from time to time. However, unless you convert the DVD to a digital format, there’s every tendency that the disc will crack someday, or you may misplace it. Thus, the need to copy, rip, and convert DVDs into digital formats such as mp4, avi, mov, etc. became increasingly “high-demand.” Also, some DVDs are protected, and it is illegal to tamper with such discs as it may attract a legal cause.  Nevertheless, this article explains how to copy a protected DVD. But most importantly, how do you deal with a copy protected DVD?


1. What is a copy protected DVD?


A copy protected DVD or CD is a disc containing premium content, covered by a license. There are quite different techs used in copy protecting DVDs. However, the actual aim of imposing copy protection is to minify and guide the exploitation of the copy protected DVD. In simple terms, a copy protected is not meant to be faked, copied, or retroactively used on just any hardware or software. Obviously, this act is in view to mitigate and checkmate piracy concerns. Nevertheless, people still care to know how to copy a protected DVD.


Well, if you're going to rip a protected disc, you will need a software application. There are pretty much DVD Ripper software or DVD Copy software apps you can find to use, but it is important to be careful when choosing out of the lot.


However, before continuing, you should know about “Regions.” Arguably, you may have seen DVDs with the specification “Region 1 DVD” or “Region 2 DVD;” that’s also a sort of copy protection. You definitely cannot play a Region 1 DVD when you’re living in a state or country that requires you to stick to Region 2 DVDs. It’s pretty complicated, anyways, using a good DVD Copy software, you can turn any copy protected DVD into a Region Free DVD that can be played back on different media players in different locations. 


Here we picked out top 10 DVD copy software review that you can actually ultilize to copy protected DVDs and Blu-rays.



2. What is the Best Software for DVD Copy Protection Removal?


Since you’re looking for how to how to bypass DVD copy protection, you need to know this; your quest can be achieved if you could copy the DVD or Rip the DVD to a digital media format. Interestingly, the DVDFab DVD Copy software can be of great help. Also, the DVDFab DVD Ripper is yet another impressive solution to help out in ripping protected DVDs. But then, let’s see these viable options:


How to copy a protected DVD?


Copying a DVD simply means to clone the DVD to another disc or save it as an ISO file on a preferred storage device. It differs from ripping a DVD; however, you can possibly get off the copy protection during the copying/burning process when you use the right software.


1. DVDFab DVD Copy


The DVDFab DVD Copy software is a multi-feature solution that is specially developed to solve DVD copy concerns. It is an advanced software capable of reading any DVD and copying its content to another blank disk. DVDFab DVD Copy supports DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD+R DL, and DVD-R DL discs, as well as allows you to copy DVD to ISO file. A handy add-on (DVDFab Cinavia Removal Solution) can permanently remove Cinavia watermarks from protected DVDs. However, this add-on is sold separately.


Furthermore, the software lets you clone DVDs with a 1: 1 ratio for lossless quality. More so, you can compress DVD-9 to DVD-5, and do more with DVDFab DVD Copy.


How to use DVDFab DVD Copy


First, you need to download the DVDFab DVD Copy and install it on your Windows computer or Macbook. Afterward, follow the steps below to copy protected DVDs using this software.

First step:



Launch DVDFab 11 software and click on the “Copy” module. You can add your DVD from folder, disc, or simply drag the ISO file/folder to the software’s interface.

Second step:



DVDFab DVD Copy will automatically detect the main movie title; however, you can always pick other titles. Simply click on “Choose other titles” and tick the titles you wish to copy.



However, you can choose from different copying modes, which includes copying the full movie, main movie, clone/burn, etc. Pick any mode of your choice and continue.

Third step:



Now you can configure and define other settings for your video. You can search for the meta information of your DVD, as well as launch the “Advanced settings” menu to load more settings for your video.

Fourth step:




Look to the bottom of the software interface/window – there you can select to copy the DVD movie as a folder, ISO image, to another blank disc, or a media server; click on the dropdown icon to make a selection. Afterward, click on the “Start” button to trigger the copying process.


That's it! You have to wait for the DVDFab DVD Copy to copy the DVD movie – the copying process will remove the DVD's protection.


2. Freemake DVD Copy


Still looking for how to copy a protected DVD? Freemake DVD Copy is a pretty popular option for copying DVDs. It is free to use and supports a variety of handy features. With this Freemake’s software, you can copy protected DVD and turn it to a protection-free DVD, so you can use it in any way that suits you.

How to use Freemake DVD Copy



  • Download the software from the developer’s website and install on your computer

  • Launch Freemake DVD Copy and load your DVD disc, folder, or ISO image file

  • Toggle through the menus and settings to customize the output parameters

  • Choose where you want the DVD movie to be saved; either on your PC or any other available option on the dropdown menu

  • Click “Convert” to start copying the DVD


That’s it! Freemake DVD Copy surprisingly comes with a bunch of options, and you'd find them to be important if you're a "PRO."


3. How to Rip a Protected DVD For Free


Ripping a DVD can also be referred to as converting a DVD movie to a versatile digital format. DVD ripping is quite different from DVD copying – you won’t get the options to handle the full disc, main movie, etc. Instead, you’ll get the options to convert your movie into typical audio & video formats for playback on different players.


1. DVDFab DVD Ripper Software


The DVDFab DVD Ripper remains one of the best DVD Ripper software that allows you to rip protected DVD for free. It is a multi-feature software that includes a built-in video editor as well as a preview tab to check the video you uploaded. Also, the advanced settings menu contains a lot of customizable parameters, and you can always choose from a wealth of output formats (audio and video).


How to use DVDFab DVD Ripper?


Download the DVDFab DVD Ripper and install on your computer, launch the app, and select "Ripper."

First step:



Upload your DVD movie from disc, file, folder, or ISO image. Also, you can drag n drop your video file on the app’s interface to upload.

Second step:



Choose an output profile by clicking on the first “profile switcher” on the menu. You can also edit and customize your movie by clicking on the "Video Edit" icon or "Advanced Settings" icon. These options are available on the video info tab.

Third step:



Choose an output location for your video, and then hit the “Start” button to start ripping the video. The process may take a little longer, depending on the length and quality of your video. There’s arguably no better way to rip protected DVDs asides using DVDFab DVD Ripper software.


2. Handbrake


Handbrake is a popular video software that helps you to rip or convert DVDs to digital formats that will playback on media players.  While Handbrake can rip protected DVDs, it doesn’t rip discs protected with DRM or AACs. Thus, if your DVD is protected with those techs, you should resort to the DVDFab DVD Ripper software.


How to use Handbrake in ripping DVDs



  • Download Handbrake from the developer’s website, and install on your computer -

  • Also, install libdvdcss on the computer and copy its files to the Handbrake folder - C:Program FilesHandbrake

  • Now launch Handbrake and load your DVD movie or disc from the “Source” option on the menu bar

  • Select the titles to rip and also identify the folder where you want to save the files

  • Pick a format for the output video and hit the “Start” button to start ripping the DVD.


Handbrake may take a lot of time to rip your DVD, but it all depends on the size and quality.


4. Summary


This article will definitely help anyone looking for how to convert protected DVD to AVI. The best answer is to Rip the DVD using either of the software apps explained below. Nevertheless, DVDFab has a formidable converter software – the DVDFab Video Converter; it is a professional app with lots of possibilities. For anyone looking for how to copy a protected DVD, hopefully, this article will help you out.


Copying a DVD is best if you wish to transfer the aftermath video to another disc, maybe sometime in the future. In contrast, if you want the video to be in a digital format such as mp4, avi, etc. then you should rip the DVD. Either way, DVDFab products are always the best for the purposed they are designed to meet.