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1. How to Convert YouTube to DVD?
2. How to convert YouTube to DVD without losing quality?
3. Convert YouTube to mp3?
4. How Can You Bring Back Life to The Old DVD With AI? 


A YouTube to DVD converter allows you to burn YouTube videos to DVD. It is an easy process that requires minimal time and money. You can easily convert any YouTube video into a DVD version if you have access to YouTube on your computer. If you are wondering about, can you download YouTube videos to a DVD then you will find the answers in this article. 


1. How to Convert YouTube to DVD?

The following are the steps to help you easily convert YouTube videos to DVD with the use of DVDFab DVD Creator. 


Method 1: Using DVDFab DVD Creator [Without Losing Quality]


Step 1 : Download and Install the DVDFab DVD Creator -You can the converter by simply clicking on their website URL, and by making a choice between Mac or Windows. 

Step 2 : Click on the “creator” module, and set creator mode as “ DVD Creator ”, which would allow you to convert YouTubes videos to DVD.

Step 3 : Import videos downloaded from YouTube-The creator mode helps you to make a DVD from multiple YouTube videos as well. The software has a simple interface, and you can easily learn how to copy YouTube video to DVD by using the URL link of the videos. 


Step 4 : Convert videos to DVD 5 or DVD 9-After importing the YouTube videos, click on the “ Advanced Settings ” option that is present on the main interface of the software. Then select “DVD 5 or DVD 9” and click “OK ".
advanced settings

Step 5 : Add a menu template to the DVD video-You can pick a design template from many options provided. After that, you can preview the converted DVD video.
convert videos

Step 6 : Insert an empty disk and add an output destination. Then, just start the conversion, hit “ start ” button on the bottom right corner to start converting the videos and saving it onto the blank disc. 


Method 2: Using Other DVD Creator Alternatives [Might Loss Quality] 

Below listed are some other software applications that allow you to burn YouTube video to DVD. 

1) Freemake YouTube to DVD Converter 

freemake youtube

This is an easy-to-use converter that allows you to paste the YouTube URL link on their software and you can convert YouTube shows, clips, videos, into DVD format. You can easily watch unlimited videos on DVD for an unlimited time. 

However, this free YouTube to DVD converter software is only available for Windows operating system users and not Mac or Android users. However, it does not allow users to edit the video that is being converted. 
dvdvideosoft youtube to dvd converter

2) DVDVideoSoft YouTube to DVD Converter

This software allows you to quickly learn how to burn YouTube videos into DVDs and do it. You will need to first download the videos and then burn them. 

However, the installation of this software requires a longer process than other software, and it is only available for Windows users. Furthermore, you also have to pay when trying to customize your videos such as its sample rate, frame rate, and other features. 
dvd creator

3) Wondershare DVD Creator 

This converter works on Mac and Windows computers, and offers the options of burning YouTube videos to DVD folder, DVD, and DVD ISO file. It provides a video editor that allows free customization of all the videos and also teaches how to make a DVD from YouTube videos

Furthermore, you can add a preferred DVD menu for easier use. The software claims to be the fastest converter but that could compromise on the quality of the video. 

4) DVD Styler 

This YouTube to DVD converter software works on both Mac and Windows computers. It does the job of converting YouTube videos into DVDs. However, it has of a lengthier process of making a new project, naming the disc, and browsing through your downloaded videos to convert them. Also, this software could take a long time to convert even a single video.

convert youtube to dvd


2. How to convert YouTube to DVD without losing quality?


At times when you use the different free YouTube videos to DVD converter mentioned above, you could come across problems such as the depletion of DVD video quality. To prevent these problems, you must instead opt for DVDFab DVD Creator. You can try this free YouTube to DVD converter on trial period of 30 days. It is available and compatible with both Windows and MAC computers.

DVDFab DVD Creator is desktop software for both Mac and Windows computers that can burn any kind of video into DVD/ISO with customizations and personalization. It offers interactive and attractive menu templates with premium designs that can make your videos look like studio designs. 

Furthermore, the software can process multiple videos at once and allows users to arrange the order of the videos. Lastly, it produces high-quality videos that will look identical to original DVDs.

DVDFab DVD Creator is the best free YouTube to DVD converter due to its user-friendly, simple interface, and high-quality services to use and learn to upload DVD to YouTube or download from it. 

convert youtube to mp3


3.    Convert YouTube to mp3?


DVDFab DVD creator provides the service to convert YouTube videos into DVD, but if you want to convert YouTube videos into Mp3, you could do so with DVDFab YouTube to MP3 Downloader

There are many audio converters online but this one is the best, as it allows you to convert songs from over 200 different websites. Now you don’t have to look any further, as this software allows you to download your favorite songs in high quality MP3 files in a few minutes.  

Furthermore, we’ve selected Top 12 Best YouTube to MP3 Converters to Convert Videos Freely, including online converters and desktop software to easily undertake the YouTube to MP3 conversion.

Steps on How to download YouTube videos to MP3. 

dvdfab youtube to mp3 downloader


Step 1: Install DVDFab YouTube to MP3 Downloader

You can head to the website of DVDFab YouTube to MP3 Downloader and download the correct version for your Windows, Mac, or even Android devices. 

Step 2: Tune your settings

Before downloading your favorite audio, ensure that you change your settings such as quality of audio, notifications, and more, you can download YouTube video up to 4k quality. 

Step 3: Download YouTube video to MP3

Click on the YouTube icon on the main page and access YouTube to pick out your favorite songs with an option on the screen to download. You can check your downloads at the “Downloading” section present o the main page. Their website teaches the process of how to upload DVD to YouTube and also how to download from there, which is applicable for MP3 too.

Step 4:  Play your MP3 audio

After these steps, head to the “Music” section and play your downloaded songs. You can even add songs to your playlists.


4.    How Can You Bring Back Life to The Old DVD With AI? 

DVDFab DVD to Blu-ray Converter allows DVDs to be converted to the newer digital Blu-ray format. Firstly, you will need to install DVDFab Enlarger AI, which can be accessed from the converter interface. This software allows you to convert the DVDs into Blu-ray ISO file/folder or a bank burnt disk with high quality of 1080p.  These formats are compatible with the home Blu-ray players. 

dvdfab dvd to blu-ray converter

DVDFab DVD to Blu-ray Converter with Enlarger AI is the best option for upscaling a DVD to Blu-ray . You can burn YouTube video to DVD , upscale the video quality with Enlarger AI, convert videos to MP3, and much more. Furthermore, the software allows flexible customizing of contents with audio tracks, subtitles, playback menu designs, and more. 



DVDFab products are easy to use, which makes it the most preferred converter for any type of digital file. The DVDFab website also has blogs to teach you how to convert VHS tapes to DVD, or Convert VCR to DVDYouTube videos into DVD, Blu-ray, and even to MP3. Their blogs and their products make it possible for you to download your favorite movies, videos, and music, to your computers.