Video Home System, better known as VHS was a popular analog media format developed by the Victor Company of Japan (JVC) in the early 1970s which dominated the home video distribution industry until the DVD rose to existence. If your VHS collection has survived this far and is still intact, you’re seriously a good caretaker of your belongings.


But, you know things certainly do not last forever, and now is the perfect time to convert your VHS collection to a more flexible format such as an optical disc, or a digital format that you prefer. Thus, in this very article, we’ll illustrate some of the best methods to convert VHS to DVD or any other digital format that is easily consumable.


1. What You Need to Know About VHS


Before really diving into the methods of converting your pile of VHSs into another convenient format, let’s first understand some aspects of this bygone media storing device. VHS used magnetic tapes to hold the information and it prevailed in the television production and movie distribution segments in 1976. VHS technology quickly gained traction globally and people quickly started using it in the United States and the United Kingdom before anyone else.




The system comprised a Videocassette recorder (VCR) which was able to play the VHS tape. VHS tapes were effortlessly able to hold 120 minutes of video at a minimum after which its capacity was increased to 210 minutes at max. The rise of an affordable home entertainment system comprising of a VCR and a VHS quickly disrupted the markets all over the world and everyone quickly got fascinated by this system.


This might be the reason why you would be possessing a shelf full of VHS tapes that include your childhood memories, old classic movies, featured films, documentaries, etc. At present, VHS and VCRs have become obsolete things to use considering their gigantic sizes. This is why we’ve brought you the solution to digitize the optical collection into a digital or at least a more convenient format.


2. How to convert VHS to DVD


Evolution is a never halting process and this applies to the technology too. But, no matter where it goes, you can always preserve your memories. Conversion of a VHS to DVD is majorly a two-step process in which the former part comprises of extraction of the content from a VHS to a digital storage device. The later part comprises of writing extracted content into a blank DVD, which is also known as DVD Burning


Let’s have a detailed look at some different methods by which the aforementioned processes are carried out.


  1.  DVD-VCR Combos or Separate Devices


Believe us, if you’re having a ton of VHS tapes queued to convert, this would be the best possible solution to rescue you from the situation, well, if at all you are ready to spend those greens. These monstrous combo machines come with inbuilt VHS and DVD drives and provide hassle-free conversion from VHS to DVD disc.



As VHS and VCRs have outdated now, you’ll rarely find them, even on online stores, you’ll often see them out of stock but if you somehow manage to buy one, they would be of much help to you as all you would need next is a blank DVD. So consider going through Amazon, eBay, or BestBuy if you’re possessing a colossal collection.


Don’t worry if you can’t find a  combo deck. Considering you have one of the two devices, i.e. a functional DVD Recorder or a working VCR, then you should go for buying the missing one to complete the duo. When you’re ready with the instruments, simply connect the DVD Recorder (not Player!) with your VCR via an RCA audio/video cable. Your configuration should be connecting the output of your VCR to the inputs of your DVD Recorder.


Now you just have to insert a blank DVD+R/ DVD+RW  into your DVD Recorder and your VHS tape in the VCR and play it. Although these methods involve purchasing of devices you may not have but they are by far the most efficient methods out there considering your sizable VHS collection, here you can check out the most .


  1.  VHS to DVD via your Windows/Mac


Laptops or PCs are something that most of us possess, at least more than a VCR. Although this process also requires certain devices to do the job, it has its own advantages. We’ll discuss them later on in this section itself but for now, let’s simply get into it. Now, this procedure also requires a VCR but that’s the must-have device in all the conditions and methods to convert VHS to DVD, there’s no workaround for that.


This method is very clean and it is lesser critical in terms of spendings. Although it is more time consuming, it is a perfect solution for you if your VHS collection is slightly small and you do not have a certain time restriction.


All you need is an external Audio-Video capturing card. Supposing you already have access to a VCR, the very next thing that you’ll need is a digital-to-analog converter. If you’re lucky enough to have it, you’re good to go else you have to buy this little gadget too. You should check out this USB 2.0 Video Audio Capture Card Device Adapter from UCEC which facilitates you in the conversion process of VHS to DVD perfectly.



Step 1: Analog to Digital via an Audio-Video Capture Card


The process involves you connecting the USB pin to your PC or laptop and the RCA cable from the VCR to the input connector of the converter device. Make sure you’ve inserted the converter into a USB 2.0 Port on your PC.


The UCEC Audio Video Capture Card comes with a CD containing device drivers which will Autorun once you insert the disc in your Windows PC. Install the driver as instructed in the wizard. If on opening the program it asks for the product key, you can find it on the installation file, placed under the "SN" file.




Set the option of video standard to the format of your VHS Source (NTSC/PAL) else the output may be colorless. If you do not find the sound in the target file, make sure “internal audio streaming” is enabled and restart the software.




Once you’re done with the configurations, click on the red record button and start playing VHS tape on your VCR. Your converting process is started and the audio-video is being recorded by the converter which will be stored on your PC or laptop in a digital format.


When the VHS tape is recorded completely by the converter, press the black stop button and you’ll find a digital video file in the folder that has been set as the default target output folder by the converter. Find the video file, open it, and check for the audio-video to make sure everything went well. That was the first step of a two-step process to convert VHS to DVD.


Step 2: Digital Video to DVD (DVD Burning)


Once you have the video file on your PC, its time to write it on a blank DVD+R or DVD+RW via a DVD burner software that makes a DVD disc/ISO/folder from an audio-video file. For this, we’ll use the DVDFab DVD Creator which is the latest full-featured DVD Creator, as the output of VHS can be really unpredicted. Beside, we also picked out Top 15 DVD Burners and Creators in 2020 [Windows & Mac] for you to choose based on your system and personal perference.


DVDFab DVD Creator supports all the major audio/video file formats and you will easily be able to write or burn DVDs with the help of this nice intuitive DVD Burner. This tool utilizes your graphics card’s computing power, and multi-threading power of the CPU to process batch videos simultaneously and completes the writing tasks rapidly.


To begin with, open the DVDFab DVD Creator and head toward the Creator Tab from the top main navigation. Drag and drop the video file or load it by picking it from the file selector.




Configure the output video that would be on the DVD. You can name the DVD, select the desired output and video quality of the output DVD video. Click the wrench icon to edit and configure some advanced opinions like adding a customized menu and so on.



Now, simply click the start button and wait for the burning process to complete successfully. The Task Queue Manager will display vital process statistics to know much much estimated time this process will take.



Thus, with the help of correct tools and equipment, you can easily convert VHS to DVD for better compatibility and flexibility of your video content. As far as DVDFab DVD Creator is considered, you can not only use it for converting VHS to DVD but also for certain other DVD burning or creating needs as it is a fully equipped multipurpose DVD utility tool.



3. Extension: AI Technology Improves the DVD Quality


If you do not already, let us expose the bitter truth of converting a VHS to DVD. The process is really extensive and incorporates multiple tools and equipment and depends on them hugely, thus your output video quality has to suffer to an extent. Hopefully, due to increasing technology and new use-cases of AI, there’s a solution addressing this exact issue.


Bringing into play the AI technology, DVDFab Enlarger AI is able to upscale videos in terms of their resolution effectively. It is first of a kind video enhancer employing AI to increase video resolution of a 480p (SD) video to 1080p (Full HD) video and from 1080p to 4K video. The entire process is carried out by adding minute details to the picture maps where they’re missing in the form of pixels.


Thus, if you’ve lost the video quality while converting it from one form to another or want to enhance the quality of an existing video, you should really try out this state of the art video upscaling solution.