convert vcr taps to dvd best method 

Table of Contents
Part 1. FAQs About Converting VCR to DVD. ​​​​
Part 2. Two Ways to Convert VCR to DVD
Part 3: How to Convert VHS to DVD?


Oldies but goldies! VHS tapes are back in vogue. Major retailers and secondhand stores sell thousands of tapes a month. The community of VHS has grown remarkably in the last few years and for a tiny amount of money enjoys these treasures. If you are a passionate hobbyist you will keep them on a shelf and you will look at them as a rare talisman that has conquered time.

Because nothing lasts forever, it’s better to have a backup of VHS tapes and digitize them.

A VHS tape lifespan is 10 to 15 years but it must be stored well. If you want to preserve them for a long, long period of time, it is better to convert your VCR tapes to DVDs. In this article, you will learn two ways on how to convert VCR tapes to DVD:

  • through a VCR to DVD converter, a software solution

  • hardware solution

But first, let’s become familiar with certain aspects.


Part 1. FAQs About Converting VCR to DVD. ​​​​

1. Can you convert a VCR tape to DVD?

The answer is yes. The cost for a typical video tape to DVD transfer service is pretty expensive, so it is better to do it yourself. If you are looking where to convert a VCR to DVD, a professional company, you might consider a DIY solution. Can VCR tapes be converted to DVD in a manually  manner without loosing any informations? Again, yes! And it is not necessarily to be a tech-savvy. Not at all. This way, the cost savings can be significant and you will get the satisfaction of doing yourself. There are many methods for conversion and the process it`s pretty easy. Reading this article, you will learn how to convert VCR movies to DVD instantly.

2. What is the difference between VCR and VHS?


“Can you convert a VCR tape to DVD” or “can you convert a VHS to DVD?” Which is the correct form? Well, if you use “VCR tape” in this sentence, then it is correct, but if the acronym VCR is not accompanied by the word “tape”, then it is not correct. Let’s see why. VCR stands for Video Cassette Recorder and VHS stands for Video Home System. VCR is a machine (video player) and VHS is a video tape.

Now that you understand, we can move to the climax of the article. In case that you are asking where to convert VCR tapes to DVD, then this is the right place to be, in order to find what is the best VCR to DVD converter and learn the steps for converting VCR tapes to DVD discs.


Part 2. Two Ways to Convert VCR to DVD


Besides the solutions that I will present in this article, there is one more solution but it is really expensive. The DVD recorder & VCR combination player/ device is a valid option but the cost is more than $500. We highly recommend those two solutions because the price- quality ratio is the best.


The ingredients for this recipe are the following:

  1. First of all, you need a VCR player in order to convert VCR tapes to DVDs.

  2. A USB-to-composite video convertor

  3. A computer with a USB port, a CD-ROM and a DVD


You can get good results with almost any VCR but make sure that the VCR player have video and audio composite jacks.

hardware solution


The second piece is a video-converting device, which in this case is this USB VCR to DVD convertor: Elgato Video Capture. You can buy from any brand, like Roxio, Diamond VC500 and so on – it’s your choice.  All are great and can be used by both Mac or Windows users. You will connect your computer to this VCR to DVD convertor, so pay attention to requirements. Not to mention that the price is suitable for every pocket.

dvd convertor

 So, let’s see how to convert VCR tapes to DVD. In order to do so, make sure that you download and install the converter’s software to your computer. Then, connect your PC to your VCR player, using the USB VCR to DVD convertor. Bellow, you can see a picture from Elgato Video Capture to understand better the reunion of all things needed for converting VCR tapes to DVD discs.



After you unite all the components, the rest of the process should be similar no matter what VCR to DVD convertor you use. Insert the VHS tape, press play on your VCR, then hit record on your computer on the interface of the software that you have installed from the convertor. Once the converting process started, you can do something else. When the conversion is finished, Elgato`s converter will automatically export the VHS content into an .MP4 video file in the desired folder.


There are some great options of a VCR to DVD convertor but not all of them are so flexible. For example, you can trim the video and in need, it allows you to upload directly to YouTube or export it to the QuickTime Player or iTunes. Of course, after that, you can burn your .MP4 file as it is on a DVD. But many VCR to DVD converters transform your videos into .AVI or other file formats.


It’s easy to convert VCR to DVD when you have at your disposal a good VCR to DVD converter, right?


  • Software Solution

This option is a combination between two components. You must use an analog-to-digital video convertor and a DVD creator software. After you convert your VHS tape into a .MP4 it is necessary to edit your converted content. Especially, if you need another file format rather than .AVI and if you need to edit your converted VHS content.

dvd creator


DVDFab DVD Creator is a superior software, fast and comprehensive in function when you need to give a professional final touch to your converted content. You can create and customize a DVD menu with the built-in templates. This VCR to DVD converter can burn the videos recorded from VHS tapes to DVD discs/folders/ISO files, which adopts GPU hardware acceleration to quicken the process of converting VCR tapes to DVD discs.


With this easy-to-use video editor, you can make your video stand out and get professional-caliber work in minutes. When you convert a VCR to DVD you can say that it is an easy procees, but for which you have to allocate some time if you want to customize the final shape of the content that will be burn on a DVD.


Part 3: How to Convert VHS to DVD?


Before convert VCR to DVD you need to personalize you recorded video from VHS tape. Because I’ve talked about DVDFab DVD Creator, let’s see what things this VCR to DVD convertor is capable of.


Steps to Convert VCR to DVD: 


Download DVD Creator from here. Then, install the software manually, in case that it will not download automatically. The interface looks something like this:

software installation


  • Step 2  Select the Right Module and Load Source

Select from the upper menu “Creator” module. Then go to the left of the interface and choose the option “DVD Creator”. As you can see you can also choose to burn your converted VHS on a Blu-ray. After you opt for the “DVD Creator”, now you are ready to add from your local folder your converted VHS tape. Just click on the “+” button.

module and load source


  • Step 3 Make Advanced Settings

Before we get creative, we can adjust some settings, such as the video quality or the aspect ratio.

Exactly under the name of your recorded video from VHS tape, you will notice two options.

advanced settings


Go to the “advanced settings” and a new menu will pop up. Customize your menu properties, playback mode and the video quality as you wish and then click “ok”

advanced settings


  • Step 4  Customize the DVD Menu

Go to the “menu settings”, located next to the “advanced settings”, in order to choose a template from for your DVD menu or to choose from your own photo library. This VCR to DVD converter allows you to add any text, any font or color.

dvd Mmnu


Also, you can change the image in the middle to any part of the screen and you can change the frame. That image is selected from your converted VHS tape. If you want to make your DVD more unique, you can freely personalize all of the elements and widgets inside the templates, including the background art, the Play/Pause button, the Previous/Next buttons and so on.


  • Step 5  Start the Burning Process from VCR to DVD

Now you are ready to burn the recorded video from VHS to a DVD disc through this amazing VCR to DVD converter.


Just press the “start” button and the burning process will begin and with the GPU hardware incorporated it will shorten the whole conversion process. 


That's done! Learn more about Convert VHS to DVD with the Best VHS to DVD Converter.





Now you know how easy is to convert VCR tapes to DVD with the help of this VCR to DVD converter. Note that the DVD won’t improve the quality of the VHS recording, which, given the state of video recording two or three decades ago, can be spotty. However, starting to convert VCR to DVD through a VCR to DVD convertor will preserve your priceless VHS cassettes no matter which option you choose.