The MP4 file format is one of the most widely used ones when it comes to handling your media files. Perhaps you would want to create copies or want to save them forever in case you have a few genuinely perfect and exceptional videos in your collection. The best options in this context would be to convert MP4 to DVD. While you have several options that can be helpful to convert DVD to MP4, and lets you convert the files with ease, conversion of MP4 to DVD is not something we would indulge in quite frequently.


1. How to convert MP4 to DVD – The Easy to Follow Methods


There are plenty of methods and steps that you can use if you are looking to convert MP4 to DVD. However, the right tool would be the one that would help you burn MP4 to DVD in a more professional manner. If you have shot a video in MP4 format and checking out the options for creating a high-quality movie, the right way to achieve the task is to convert the MP4 to DVD format.


Let us check out a few excellent tools that would help you achieve precisely that goal. Our focus when picking the right tools to burn MP4 to DVD with an extremely great quality.


  1. DVDFab DVD Creator


DVDFab DVD Creator is one of the most powerful and efficient tools for almost every need you may have in handling your video files. The software comes with a host of advanced features and functions and provides you access to a truly wonderful experience in case you are checking out the best options in how to convert DVD to MP4. What makes it a great tool is the fact that it can handle practically every sort of video file in almost all popular formats.




The DVDFab DVD Creator can easily convert MP4 to DVD or even standard DVD ISO files/folders. In fact, if you have downloaded videos that you want to store forever, the videos recorded on a camcorder, or other popular video sources. One of the enormous advantages offered by the DVDFab DVD Creator is that you can even create a DVD menu for the DVD that you just created. The DVD Menu can further be customised to meet your individual requirements.


Some of the best features you would find impressed with the tool to burn MP4 to DVD would include:


  • Create a DVD from practically any popular video format – The tool can help you as the best MP4 to DVD converter with support for a wide range of formats other than MP4. It also supports a wide range of DVD formats that include DVD-9, DVD-5, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R DL, and DVD-R DL.


  • Intuitive Templates – DVDFab provides a wide range of static or dynamic menu templates for your DVD. This can be helpful in making your new DVD extremely interactive. You would be able to create professional videos that bring a studio-level experience.


  • Flexibility and Customisability – If you are a skilled user, you need not just be content with the built-in designs. You can further get an enhanced experience with an extreme degree of flexibility and customisation options for the experienced users. You can personalise practically everything in your video including Play/Pause button, text fonts, color and size – to name a few.


  • Faster Performance – DVDFab DVD Creator is one of the great tools if you are checking out a faster performance. The multi-threading, multicore compatibility in addition to the hardware acceleration options would be something you would find to be one of the excellent options. You can get access to the best possible experience in terms of your needs for convert DVD to MP4.


  1. Freemake


This is yet another excellent option for most of your requirements in terms of how to convert DVD to MP4. You would be able to burn your MP4 videos into DVD with ease on Freemake. In fact, it would be one of the best options you would want to go with if you are looking for the free MP4 to DVD converter. The Freemake DVD Burning software would be one of the perfect choices you would want to go with.



The tool lets you write or burn videos in DVD format in more than 40 hours duration. One of the huge advantages offered by the platform lies in the fact that it provides you access to a completely free and in a faster manner. The tool lets you add a custom menu, titles, and even subtitles as per your preferences. The program can even be used for burning Blu-ray discs as well. One of the best factors that would make it one of the excellent options you would find impressive.


The software has been rated to be the No. 1 free DVD burning software and has over 100 million active subscribers. The software can import files in multiple video formats that include AVI, MP4, MKV, WMV, MOV, FLV, and 3GP and convert them into DVD. You can even get access to the best functionality of burning your DVDs that include DVD folders & ISO files, burn images, photos & audio visualizations.


  1. Wondershare DVDCreator


This is yet another excellent option to burn MP4 to DVD, ISO and DVD folder as per your preferences. Converting MP4 to DVD should be one of the simplest and easiest options for your needs in converting MP4 files into DVD. The tool is available on Windows and Mac platforms and lets you convert your MP4 files into DVD or Blu-ray discs with ease.



The easy to use interface along with additional features such as a customised DVD menu or a built-in editor should be a few of the excellent features that would provide you with an enhanced experience. The tool does provide you access to high-end preview options, a faster burning speed, an option to convert practically every other format as per your preferences.


The tool provides you access to a better degree of efficiency in handling multiple video formats such as MP4, MP3, MOV, AVI, JPG, PNG and TIFF. Wondershare DVD Creator would provide you access to a better customisation of DVD Menu that would include title, music, and background picture. The tool also provides you access to more than different static and dynamic menu templates such as Nature, Sport to Movie theme.


2. How to Convert Other Video Formats to DVD?


Almost every tool that we discussed here lets you convert a wide range of video formats into DVD. The tools like DVDFab, Wondershare and Freemake let you convert MP4 into DVD, but they also support a wide range of other formats.


For the purpose of converting a video into DVD, you need the following prerequisites –


  • A DVD Burner Drive – Most of the laptops today come with a DVD Writer drive. If it doesn’t, you may need to upgrade your computer or laptop with a DVD Burner Drive. Unless you have a DVD Drive with a DVD burning capability, you would not be able to convert MP4 or other video formats into DVD. You may also use an external DVD Burner drive.


  • A Blank DVD – Blank DVDs are available at a dirt cheap price. It would be advisable to buy a DVD with the following formats - DVD+R and DVD-R. You need to buy the right format supported by your optical drive.


  • A Compatible Software – The ones we discussed above should be an excellent choice for most of your requirements. You can use any of the three tools we discussed here, while our personal favourite is DVDFab DVD Creator. That should not necessarily mean we would want you to use it, but we are impressed with its best features.


For the sake of this tutorial, we will use DVDFab DVD Creator.


Here are the basic steps you would need to follow:


  • Download and install DVDFab 11. Launch the tool.
  • Choose the option Creator from the multiple tabs available on the tool.



  • Choose the option Add from local and browse the videos you want to burn into a DVD. You can even drag and drop your videos if that is something you find faster and quicker.




  • Choose the output folder. You can accept the output folder that has been automatically suggested, or choose any other folder as per your preferences.




  • Clicking on the wrench icon will let you customise your menu options. You can select the TV system and opt for other customisation options as per your preferences. Once you configured customisation options, click on Ok to return to the main interface.




  • Once all the settings have been done, click on START and your DVD burning should now begin. You will now need to insert your DVD into your optical drive.




That does it. You will now be able to create your DVD with ease. You will be able to check the progress of the process. Keep following the on-screen instructions to move through the process.


3. The Bottom Line


Well, that should have guided you in successfully. No matter whether you are looking to burn MP4 to DVD on Windows 10 or burn MP4 to DVD on Mac, the tools and tips outlined in the above discussion should help you sail through the best options for the purpose.


In our experience, DVDFab was quite impressive with an excellent set of features and functionalities. However, you may also try out the other options outlined here, depending on your personal preferences.