Table of Contents

1. How to convert DVD to digital

2. How to convert Blu-ray to Digital?

3. Extension: Other Fantastic Features of This DVD & Blu-ray to Digital Converter


Digital occupies a predominant place in our daily lives – anywhere, anytime. We need to be honest and confess that we want every movie or music to be available on every electronic device we have. Most of the time when we are dealing with a long journey we want to watch a movie so that time passes more easily. In this case, the internet connection may be weak or absent so that's why we need to be prepared. Once you convert DVD to digital or convert Blu-ray to digital, you can store those files on a server or on your devices and stream them anytime, from anywhere.

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In this article, we will show you how to convert DVD and Blu-ray to digital through an ultimate DVD to digital converter, in order to watch your favorite video on any device at home or on the go.


DVDFab DVD ripper & Blu-ray ripper is an intermediate software, that allows you to convert DVD to digital or even a Blu-ray with incredible ease. DVDFab is a professional toolkit that can digitalize your DVD or Blu-ray by converting them to ISO files and various video formats, like MP4. This is a format that most devices can recognize it and playback without any trouble. Moreover, it allows you to remove the protection of a DVD or Blu-ray that you own, decrypt it and save it in a usable format and then convert to digital. DVDFab provides a 30-day free trial and you can get the chance to see that this program deserves all your attention.


Are you ready to migrate your DVDs and Blu-rays into digital? Let`s see how to convert DVD and Blu-ray to digital following these easy steps.


1. How to convert DVD to digital


How to convert DVD to digital format? Well, read these lines to see that with this DVD to digital converter, DVDFab, it is an effortless procedure. This software quickly rip and convert DVDs to any mainstream video &audio format for playback on mobile devices and in a home theatre. For 30 days, you can convert DVD to digital copy for free.


# Step 1 Download and Install Best DVD to Digital Converter

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Download and install DVDFab DVD Ripper. You should know that this program is integrated into DVDFab 11. Note that if you don`t have the DVDFab 11, this will download automatically.


# Step 2 Launch the Best DVD to Digital Converter

Obviously, you need to decide what DVD you want to convert. Once the download is complete launch the software, in case that it will not open automatically. The interface will look something like this:

dvdfab interface

# Step 3 Choose Ripper Module and Load Source

First, choose the “Ripper” module, then load or insert the desired DVD into computer, in order to convert the DVD to a digital format. 

dvdfab interface

# Step 4 Set Output Format


Once you have loaded the source, then you must click on “ Choose another profile ” (see point A in the image), then another menu will pop out (see B). 

dvd ripper

On this menu, you can change the file format, the output format, in order to convert the DVD to a digital format. In this case, I chose to convert the DVD to a digital format, like MP4. But as you can see, you can choose much more such as .FLV, .AVI and so on. MP4 is compatible with Android & Apple devices, TVs and others.


# Step 5 Set the File Size 


Choose between a Low-Res quality or a Hi-Res one, depending on how much space you can allocate for the copied content.

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# Step 6 Start the Ripping Process

Now you are ready to take the finals steps on this DVD to digital converter. At the bottom of the interface you must opt ​​​​where you want to save your DVD copy, followed by the hardest operation: a single click on the green button, in order to start the converting process. After few minutes, you will find your converted digital file in your computer, safe and sound.

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Congrats! Now you learned how to convert DVD to digital. DVDFab is indeed the best solution when you need to convert DVD to digital format. One of the strong points of this DVD to digital converter is that the process is easy to digest for those who are not so technical.

2. How to convert Blu-ray to Digital?


If you are wondering if can you convert Blu-ray to digital file format without efforts, then I will answer YES. If you paid attention to the above tutorial about how to convert DVD into digital format, then you surely know how to convert Blu- ray to digital. Just change the story a little bit: replace your DVD with a Blu-ray. Whether you're using a Mac or a PC, or converting a Blu-ray or a DVD, this process is identical for all of them .


So, we have this particular and similar scenario. Just follow the steps presented in this article because DVDFab is working great as a Blu-ray to digital convertor also.


That`s it! You`ve successfully converted the desired Discs and now you can enjoy your collection, without getting tired of looking for the Discs and taking out the Discs every time you need to watch a video.


3. Extension: Other Fantastic Features of This DVD & Blu-ray to Digital Converter


A few more interesting things you should know about DVDFab 11. Beneath simplicity, this software, hides ultimate sophistication. DVDFab is more than a DVD to digital converter or a Blu-ray to digital converter. DVDFab is a great bundle of solutions on any kind of videos for a better visual experience.


  • For example, after you convert DVD to digital file format, you can save and transfer your converted content on your mobile . For this, you need the DVDFab Remote, a mobile app. This feature is very useful because we all know that when we are in a cab, bus, or in a long journey, we need to watch something on our phone because we don't want to lose our precious time. 


  • DVDFab 11 can be connected to social media platforms . You can record a video, then send the video to this software for further editing and then you can directly upload your polished video to YouTube, Instagram and so one.


  • You can upscale DVDs from 480p to 1080p, Blu-rays from 1080p to 4K quality and other videos from 480p to 1080p or from 1080p to 4K using Enlarger AI feature.


  • You can convert DVD to digital file format even if we are talking only about music. You can extract any song from DVDs, Blu-rays in any output format.


  • You can make and customize your own DVD Disc . You can make chapters, choose the perfect layout and add text or a photo to it. 


The list can go on and definitely worth a try, even if you need to convert DVD to digital file format, convert Blu-ray to digital, making ISOs or other procedures to make your life easier which is so connected to technology. In the meantime , it`s very good if you learned how to convert DVD to digital file format and automatically how to convert Blu-ray to digital. Nowadays, everything tends to digitize.