Table of Contents

Part 1. Why Do You Need To Convert DVD9 To DVD5?
Part 2. How to Compress DVD files from DVD 9 to DVD 5 on Windows?
Part 3. How to Compress DVD 9 to DVD 5 on Mac?
Part 4. How to Upscale Low-Res DVD to 1080p Image?
Part 5. The Concluding Thoughts 


DVDs have been one of the most widely used physical storage mediums, and provide you a high degree of storage capacity when compared to a CD. The DVDs come basically in four types viz DVD5, DVD9, DVD10, and DVD18. The DVD9 and DVD5 have been the most popular formats and have been exclusively used for your requirements.


Why Do You Need To Convert DVD9 To DVD5?


DVD5 holds around 4.7 GB of data and supports DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW formats. The DVD9, on the other hand, has a capacity of up to 8.5 GB and is supported on DVD+R and DVD-R formats. In fact, most of the commercially available DVDs come with the DVD5 specification, and it is quite essential you want to convert or compress DVD9 to DVD5 for an improved and enhanced level of experience in saving your content.

You should be able to compress DVD9 discs into DVD5 quite easily and through simple steps. Most of the DVD Ripper or DVD Copy software options let you convert your DVD9 discs seamlessly into DVD5.


How to Compress DVD files from DVD 9 to DVD 5 on Windows?


You can make use of a few enhanced and excellent steps to convert your DVD9 discs into DVD5. A standalone software can be the best option that can get things done rather through a few simple steps.


DVDFab DVD Copy is a great tool that can let you compress DVD9 to DVD5 by following a few simple steps. One of the most popular DVD Copy software, it can be an excellent option to read and backup DVD to any of the blank disc format that includes DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R DL, and DVD-R DL. It can easily copy a DVD to an ISO file or folder. It does provide you access to the huge speed performance and an excellent quality. It can be your best bet to compress DVD video files the way you want to.

How to compress DVD files from DVD9 to DVD5 using DVDFab DVD Copy?


Steps to compress DVD9 to DVD5:


Step 1 – Install and launch the software


DVDFab DVD Copy is a part of the DVDFab Suite. Assuming that you have installed DVDFab on your device, pick the Copy option.


DVD9 to DVD5


Step 2 – Add your files


You can add files to the program in multiple ways. You can insert the DVD you want to copy in the optical drive, and the software detects them right away.  You can even add the files on your computer.




Step 3 – Customise your output folder


Click on the Advanced Settings option and make the requisite settings. Now that you are looking to compress your DVD9 disc into DVD5 pick the option DVD5 in the Output section.


output folder


Step 4 – Compress DVD video files


Simply pick your output folder and click on START to begin converting your file. You will be shown the progress of your conversion on the progress indicator. Wait till the task is done.


DVD video files


How to Compress DVD 9 to DVD 5 on Mac?


Wondering how do I compress a DVD movie? DVDFab DVD Copy is a great option that lets you handle your DVD Copy requirements on Mac devices as well. The steps used in your conversion requirements remain the same as on the Windows version, making it one of the powerful Mac DVD compressor.


The system requirements for the Mac DVD compressor -


  • MacOS 10.10 - 10.15

  • Intel® processor

  • 2GB RAM or above

  • 20GB of free hard disc space

  • A DVD drive

  • Live Internet connection required to register DVDFab


The steps used in how to compress DVD files from DVD9 to DVD5 remain the same as in the Windows version on this Mac DVD compressor–


  • Launch the DVDFab DVD Copy software.

  • Insert the disc in your optical drive and let the software detect your DVD.

  • Pick the Copy Mode

  • Pick the Advanced Settings option and pick the output DVD size as DVD5.

  • Pick the output folder and begin to compress DVD video files by clicking the START option


That does it. Your file will be copied in DVD5 format and saved in the output folder on your device. That should definitely make it one of the excellent options for DVD compressor free download.


How to Upscale Low-Res DVD to 1080p Image?


DVDFab Enhancer AI is an excellent tool that lets you improve the video quality to a considerable extent. The tool is known for the best super-resolution enhancement functionality that further makes it one of the perfect choices ever.


upscale low-res DVD


World’s first super-resolution technology tool that offers you a deep learning capable video upscaling solution ever. You can enhance the video from SD quality at 480p to HD quality at 1080p or from HD quality to 4K. The images in the video are enlarged by 300 percent, and thus you would have an improved video quality effectively.


The software works seamlessly across multiple DVDFab products that include DVD Ripper, Blu-ray Ripper, Video Converter, and DVD to Blu-ray Converter. You can make use of the software when copying any of your DVDs into a Blu-ray disc.


The Concluding Thoughts


Converting DVD9 to DVD5 is extremely simple and easy. There are several software options that would let you complete the task. However, we would indeed treat DVDFab DVD Copy is a great option to let you comprehensively compress DVD9 to DVD5  without the need for a complicated learning curve.


Make use of the software to compress DVD video files from DVD9 to DVD5 and find the efficacy of the tool yourself.