Top 10 Blu-Ray Copy Software Review

Why Should You Rip Your Blu-ray Disc?

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October 28, 2019

Worried about your premium movie discs getting scratched?

Want to make your Blu-ray movies handy and accessible any time?

Want to back up your game discs?

A reliable Blu ray copy software allows you to back up your premium movies and make them easily accessible at any time. This means to turn your Blu-ray movies into folders or ISO files, and save them on your computer’s local storage or even burn them to another blank disk.

For this purpose, you need a reliable Blu Ray Copy Software that would provide you with a variety of features, as well as support a hardware engine for high-speed Blu-ray copying processes. Here, we have compiled a formidable list of the top best Blu ray copy software programs for Windows PC users and MacBook users.

Standards of a Good Blu-ray Copy Software?

What are the things to look out for in a Blu ray copy software?

  • ●  Ability to copy premium movies losslessly
  • ●  A super-intuitive interface that anyone can understand, regardless of their technical knowledge
  • ●  Compatibility across platforms and OSes
  • ●  Fast speed copying process
  • ●  Multi-lingual interface

Top 10 Best Blu Ray Copy Software

  • DVDFab
  • BurnAware
  • Blue-Clone
  • Leawo
  • Pavtube
  • Aurora
  • VideoSolo
  • Vidmore
  • AnyMP4
  • Blu-ray Copy
  • DVDFab Blu-ray Copy

    Supported Operating Systems: Windows and macOS

    Price: Free, Full trial, and Paid versions ($44.99/mo, $64.99/yr, $119.95/lifetime)


    • ●  Copies protected Blu-rays with DVDFab Cinavia Removal integration
    • ●  Up to five (5) unique copy modes
    • ●  Intuitive and easy to navigate multilingual interface
    • ●  High-speed processing with lossless quality guaranteed
    • ●  Copies Blu-rays to folders or ISOs
    • ●  GPU acceleration technology to fasten ripping process

    The DVDFab Blu-ray Copy is, by far, the best blu-ray copy software you can use on PCs and MacBooks. It flaunts a super-rich, intuitive interface that anyone can easily understand. Plus, the interface supports more than 10 different languages, making it possible for you to use the software in your native language.

    DVDFab Blu-ray Copy also helps to copy/burn Blu-ray movies to another blank Blu-ray disc. It supports BD-R 25, BD-RE 25, BD-R 50, and BD-RE 50. This Blu ray copy software is arguably what you need to save your premium, original movies to your computer, to prevent them from being affected due to disc scratches.

    More so, the “Advanced Settings” feature provides you with more tools to customize your premium movies before copying them to ISO or Folders.

  • BurnAware

    Supported Operating Systems: Windows OS

    Price: Free, Paid versions (Premium $24.95/yr, Pro $39.95/yr)


    • ●  Super-intuitive user interface
    • ●  Supports Windows 10 and M-Discs
    • ●  Supports all kinds of Blu-ray discs
    • ●  Blu-ray copying and burning

    BurnAware software is a notable disc burning and copying solution for Windows PC users. The program is full-featured, providing you with a lot of options, right on the main interface. It supports various disc types and can copy large-size movies faster than most other alternatives.

    More so, the BurnAware software can read and access M-Discs, making it a comprehensive burning/copying solution for PC users. Also, this Blu ray copy software provides you with a bunch of advanced settings to customize your movies and lots more features.

    The super-intuitive interface is easy for everyone to understand; you can toggle between light mode and dark mode. With this software program, you will create high-quality backups of your premium movies in simple steps.

  • Blue-Cloner

    Supported Operating Systems: Windows OS

    Price: Free trial, Paid versions ($59.99)


    • ●  One-click copy (Express mode)
    • ●  Multiple copy modes
    • ●  Create multiple Blu-ray copies without repeating the entire process
    • ●  "NVIDIA" and "INTEL QSV" GPUs are supported
    • ●  Option to delete temporary files after copying

    With Blue-Cloner Blu Ray Copy Software, it is certain to copy any Blu-ray disc and save the content on your Windows computer as a Blu-ray folder or ISO image. The software is truly intuitive and easy to use – the interface is well-design to allow you to navigate swiftly and head straight to the features you need.

    There are various copy modes supported by this software, you have to choose any one that is the best-suited for your need. Interestingly, just like the DVDFab Blu-ray Copy software, this software can also remove Cinavia watermarks from Blu-rays and allow you to copy or burn them to another disc.

    The various copy modes also support a few unique copying options. More so, this blu ray copy software copy Blu-ray to BD-25, BD-50, or even copy 4K UHD Blu-ray to BD-50. It runs smoothly on Windows 10 computers, as well as other older versions.

  • Leawo Blu-ray Copy

    Supported Operating Systems: Windows OS and macOS

    Price: Free, Paid version ($44.95/yr, $99.95/lifetime)


    • ●  1:1 4K Blu-ray & DVD Backup
    • ●  High-quality lossless 3D Blu-ray copy
    • ●  6x faster-copying speed
    • ●  Clear-cut, easy to use interface
    • ●  Multilingual

    Leawo Blu-ray Copy software is a professional solution to copying premium discs to folders or ISO images – to save on local storage drives. The software is inarguably one of the best programs for copying Blu-ray discs. It comes with a multi-lingual interface that’s easy to navigate and use.

    This software program supports a few Blu ray copy modes and it works at a very fast speed – up to 6x faster. Interestingly, this software allows you to copy Blu ray movies with their subtitles and audio tracks intact. Thanks to the rich copy settings, you can customize various aspects of your original movie before copying it to your computer.

    If you’ve got 4K Blu-rays, the Leawo Blu-ray Copy software is capable of reading large-size discs and process them at high speeds. It is quite seamless and satisfying to copy Blu ray to a computer using this Blu ray copy software.

  • Pavtube ByteCopy

    Supported Operating Systems: Windows OS and macOS

    Price: Free, Paid version ($42.00)


    • ●  Supports Blu-ray to digital format conversions
    • ●  Full Disc Copy with 3D Blu-ray effect
    • ●  Copy Blu-ray with 1:1 quality
    • ●  Built-in video editor

    This Blu ray copy software is a comprehensive solution for various Blu-ray copying and conversion tasks. The Pavtube ByteCopy copies Blu-ray movies in 1:1 quality, assuring of near-lossless copied movies; so, when you play the movie or burn to another disc, you’d enjoy almost the same quality.

    Also, Pavtube ByteCopy runs on Windows computers and MacBooks, featuring a simple-to-navigate interface that anyone can easily understand. More so, this software supports over 200 digital formats because it doubles as a Blu-ray ripping software for PC and MacBook users.

    Furthermore, Pavtube ByteCopy saves the subtitle of your movies, as well as provides you with an option to export SRT subtitle files. It is simply a relatable Blu ray copy software for everyone that wishes to back up their premium movies, to make them last for a long time without getting damaged.

  • Aurora Blu-ray Copy

    Supported Operating Systems: Windows OS and macOS

    Price: Free


    • ●  Intuitive and easy-to-navigate
    • ●  Copy Blu-ray Disc in 1:1 without Loss
    • ●  Lossless ISO backup
    • ●  Fast speed processing

    Available for Mac and Windows computers, the Aurora Blu-ray Copy software is one of the best you can ever use to copy Blu ray to a hard drive on a computer or MacBook. It features a clear-cut interface that anybody can easily use the software without needing any guide.

    Interestingly, this software program copies your original movies to your system’s local storage with near-lossless quality, which implies that when you finally burn the ISO file or folder to another blank Blu-ray disc, you’d enjoy your premium movies – in stunning clarity – like you just got them from a vendor.

    This software also works for Blu ray copy protection removal; thus, you can copy some protected discs using this program. To guarantee high-speed processing, this software is developed with a cutting-edge GPU acceleration technology, as well as integrates NVIDIA and ATI video cards. However, this free Blu ray copy software may not work well on Windows 10 computers.

  • VideoSolo Blu-ray Copy

    Supported Operating Systems: Windows OS

    Price: Free trial, Paid versions ($29.95/yr, $39.95/lifetime, $69.95/lifetime)


    • ●  1: 1 copy Blu-ray movie disc to a blank Blu-ray disc
    • ●  Compress BD-50 to BD-25 with high quality
    • ●  Backup Blu-ray to hard drive as ISO file or Blu-ray folder
    • ●  Four different copy modes

    The VideoSolo Blu-ray Copy software claims to be the most convenient tool for copying Blu-ray movies to hard drives with super-fast speed. It is works for burning previously copied ISO files to blank discs. This Blu ray copy software features an impressive, seamless interface that’s easy to understand.

    More so, this software is developed with the latest Blu-ray copy technology; thus, it is fast and assures 1:1 Blu-ray copy quality. It can also compress BD50 to BD25, as well as support various Blu-ray disc formats, including BD-R, BD-RE, BD-RE DL, BD-R DL, etc.

    There are four (4) copy modes supported by this software, providing you with different options to back up your premium video games and original movies. This Blu-ray program runs on all Windows OS versions.

  • Vidmore Blu-ray Monster

    Supported Operating Systems: Windows OS

    Price: Free


    • ●  Supports Blu-ray to digital format conversions
    • ●  Extract audio from Blu-rays
    • ●  Fast speed processing and lossless conversions
    • ●  Clear-cut interface

    The Vidmore Blu-ray Monster is an all-in-one Blu-ray solution that allows you to rip, convert, and copy BDs to various formats, including ISO images to save on your PC hard drive. It also supports virtually all homemade Blu-ray discs, as well as support various BD formats.

    This Blu ray copy software is developed with transcoding/encoding technology, which makes it rip BDs up to 6x faster than other alternatives. It also delivers a near-lossless copied/converted BD movie while providing you with a bunch of “Advanced Settings” options to customize your movie.

    Vidmore Blu-ray Monster is meant for personal use, and its features are all accessible without a fee. The interface is very easy to understand and it supports batch processing. With a built-in video editing interface, this software works for various needs.

  • AnyMP4 Blu-ray Copy

    Supported Operating Systems: Windows OS

    Price: Free trial, Paid versions ($51.75/lifetime, $33.75/yr)


    • ●  Convenient and easy to use interface
    • ●  Compress BD-50 movies to a single BD-25
    • ●  Option to delete “temp folder” after copying process
    • ●  Different copying modes

    Using AnyMP4 Free Blu ray Copy software provides a bunch of features for lossless Blu ray copying. This software flaunts a simple, intuitive user interface that is very easy to understand and navigate, irrespective of the user’s technical knowledge.

    The program is developed with advanced Blu-ray copying and burning technologies; thus, it can copy and backup large size BDs at a very fast speed. Achieving 1:1 Blu-ray disc copying is obtainable in the "Cloning" mode. AnyMP4 Free Blu ray Copy software supports four different copying modes.

    This software is compatible and runs smoothly on all Windows OS versions. It quickly backs up your 4K gaming disc to your PC hard drive, to keep it safe for a lifetime. This software is also compatible with homemade Blu-rays.

  • Free Blu-ray Copy

    Supported Operating Systems: Windows

    Price: Free, Paid versions ($$34.50/lifetime)

    DVDFab Blu-ray Copy

    • ●  Supports all BD formats and types
    • ●  Automatic updates
    • ●  Up to four (4) copy modes
    • ●  Hardware acceleration

    This Blu ray copy software provides more features for a cheaper price. It is a reliable tool that lets you copy Blu-ray discs and turn them into movie folders or ISO images that can be saved on any local storage device. Free Blu-ray Copy literally allows you to make backups of your premium discs.

    The interface is very simple, anyone can easily understand how to get around things. More so, this free Blu ray copy software supports up to four copy modes (only 2 modes are available on the free version) and provides a bunch of tools for adjusting video settings.

The Bottom Line

Apparently, discs would go bad after a long while; it’s either they get severely scratched or physically broken; thus, making it impossible for your player to read them. However, then you back them up (copy them to hard drive), they would remain in good quality for as long as you wish, and you can always get a blank disc to duplicate them.

These Blu ray copy software programs will help you to secure your premium game discs, homemade BDs, and originals purchased from vendors.

Frequently Asked Questions

For as long as you don’t duplicate the movies and start selling them out to other people, you’d likely never face a lawsuit or charge for copying your Blu-ray discs. However, it is technically illegal to duplicate or tamper with copyrighted content.

Yes, but you need a professional Blu-ray copy software that’s capable of decrypting disc protections. DVDFab Blu Ray Copy, with the help of DVDFab Cinavia Remover (sold separately), can copy copy-protected disc. How to Copy, Rip or Convert a Protected DVD?

The steps are the same as how you’d copy a Blu-ray disc on Windows; you just need to download a Blu-ray copy software for macOS.