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1. Winx DVD Ripper Review
2. Best Alternative to Winx DVD Ripper
3. More than a DVD Ripper
4. Conclusion


1. Winx DVD Ripper Review


While DVDs are not as prevalent as before, they are still available from all major production houses. They provide an easy method for users to watch a movie or play songs without being dependent on the internet. Discs though are prone to damage and hence many users prefer to rip DVDs to save them in digital format. Such ripper applications have high demand in the market because they solve more than a ripper use case. One of the top DVD rippers in the market is WinX DVD Ripper.




The interface of WinX DVD Ripper has everything on its home screen. The main features are present in the top area of the application, the video player in the top right corner along with some special features and in the central section you can drag and drop the media files.


When you select a DVD source, some options appear for Ripping and when you add files to the timeline, the pre-sets menu and options menu appears. If your DVD has a lot of titles, the screen might look cluttered to you.


You can modify its interface to work in any of these 6 languages - English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese and Japanese.


Ease of Use


WinX DVD Ripper Free Edition is available in the trial version but limited functionalities. The paid version is what is called WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. It has a 3 step process to rip DVDs not counting using the Option button with which you specify the output directory.


winx dvd


The second step is selecting the output video profile. You have the common presets like MP4, AVI as well profiles optimized for Mac, Android, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. The difference between these profiles is the codec for the audio and video. One each of the profiles there is a slider which lets you rip the DVD at low, same and high quality. This feature of WinX DVD Ripper is helpful to create rips for not only large-screen displays but also for older devices which don’t support the current HD video qualities.


You can also use it as a DVD audio extractor to convert songs on your DVD to just audio. It supports only MP3, AAC and AC3/DTS codecs.


AC3 DTS codecs


WinX DVD Ripper has a DVD Decrypter as well which helps you remove any protections that exist on your DVD. It can remove protections like DVD CSS, UOPs, Disney X-project DRM, Sony ARccOS, RCE/REA, Cinavia, and Region Code.


winX dvd ripper


Just before you hit the big RUN button to start ripping, you can choose what type of hardware acceleration you want to choose - Intel or nVIDIA. Apologies for AMD users. It lets you use a maximum of 8 CPU cores at once. You can make use of the Safe Mode which prevents any potential problem from the user of multiple cores but will make the ripping process slower. And if the video is interlaced, you can perform deinterlacing while ripping the DVD.


For each of the chapters, you will see an Edit button at the right side on their listing. You can use this to trim or crop parts from the video. You can also use it to add your subtitles to the output video. There is no option to do any adjustments in the brightness, contrast or the color saturation level.


WinX DVD Ripper Speed


As is expected with any ripper software, it takes more time to do ripping with WinX DVD Ripper if you rip the complete DVD. However, you can shorten this time by selecting the titles you want to rip rather than all titles. Also, a major portion of the time seems to go in the conversion part.


The hardware acceleration feature is therefore an important part of this product. It helps in keeping the ripping time from inflating to unacceptable proportions. With a good graphics processor available for hardware acceleration, you should be able to get a ripping speed of more than 400 frames per second. This is with an HD quality conversion and High-Quality Engine enabled on nVIDIA GPU.




Without doubt, WinX DVD Ripper is a powerful tool. It has both free and paid versions available for both Mac and Windows with no price difference. It is limited in the variety of codecs available and the video editing capabilities. The built-in player is primarily provided to preview the video output but less much to desire in terms of performance and playback. In terms of ripping speed as well, there are alternatives in the market that perform better. Let’s look at what other options you have terms of the WinX DVD Ripper alternative.


2. Best Alternative to Winx DVD Ripper


DVDFab is the best alternative to WinX DVD Ripper. It is the best DVD ripping software and video converter. Unlike WinX DVD Ripper, DVDFab has wide support for both audio and video codecs as well as presets. It has Advanced Settings and a much better-equipped video editor compared to WinX DVD Ripper’s video editor.


How to Use the best Alternative to Winx DVD Rippper?


Step 1. Launch the application and load the DVD into the DVD drive of your computer.


Step 2. Click on the Ripper module in the top menu and use the +Add button to add files. Or, you can click in the centre of the screen to browse the DVD drive.


dvd drive


Step 3. When the DVD is loaded onto the application, you can choose the conversion profile. It can be used as a DVD video extractor or as a DVD audio extractor. You can choose the preferred codecs or choose a Preset depending on your device.


dvd audio extractor


Step 4. Select the titles you want to rip, the audio tracks and subtitles you want in the output video.


Step 5. If you want to apply some changes in the video, launch the Video Editor where you can Trim, Crop and Merge the video. You can adjust its brightness, contrast and color saturation. You can add Images, Text and Subtitles to the video. If it is a home video, you can add a beginning introduction image or end credits image to the video.


entertaintment one


Each of the features is supported by a useful panel which makes your task easy. For instance, if you choose to crop the video, you are provided boxes to crop in pre-defined aspect ratios or give the distance from edge till the point you want to crop. The built-in video player previews the exact output that you are going to get. This way you can undo and fix any changes that you think won’t like fine.


Even if you are using DVDFab DVD Ripper to extract audio files from DVD, you can first make use of its video editor with a Video Profile. For example, to crop the output audio, choose a profile like MP4 and crop the required section from the Video editor and then change the Profile back to an audio one.


Step 6. Use the Advanced Settings window to do changes like modifying the Resolution, Encoding Method, Frame Rate of video, Bit Rate of audio, Sample Rate, etc.


profile mp4


Step 7. After doing all the customizations, select the output directory in the home screen. Here, you can also decide if you want to burn another disc or you would prefer to rip the DVD to ISO or a movie folder. Click on the Start button after this step to start the ripping process.


3. More than a DVD Ripper


  1. DVD Audio Extractor: As a DVD audio extractor, unlike WinX DVD Ripper which supports conversion to only 3 audio formats, DVDFab supports conversion to 10 audio codecs namely - DTS, EAC3, FLAC, M4A, MKA, MP3, OGG, AudioCopy, WAV and WMA. It works great as an DVD audio extractor.


  1. DVD Decrypter: DVDFab DVD Ripper is a much better DVD decrypter which supports all sorts of decryption, except Cinavia, as part of the DVD Ripper feature. The Cinavia feature can be bought separately.


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  1. Video Editor with Advanced capabilities: The Video Editor of DVDFab DVD Ripper has much more editing functionalities compared to the Video Editor of WinX DVD Ripper. You can adjust the brightness of the video, change its contrast and color saturation of the output video.


  1. Use of the latest GPU’s potential for accelerated conversion: DVDFab comes with HEVC CUDA Hardware Acceleration technology that takes advantage of NVIDIA’s latest graphic card iteration which is capable of h.265 encoding. It speeds up the conversion of your DVD data encoding 30 times compared to that of software encoding. Similarly, if your computer has video cards like GeForce GTX 10 (Pascal) Series and above which are capable of 4K HEVC 10-bit decoding and encoding, the ripping of UHD discs reduces from 20+ hours to just 1 hour or even less.


  1. Clean and Uncluttered look: A single look at the UI shows you how nicely it manages multiple titles and even multiple sources without the interface looking cluttered


uncluttered look


  1. Enlarger AI: DVDFab DVD Ripper can upscale HD videos to Blu-ray quality and SD videos to HD. It uses advanced Artificial Intelligence to improve video quality while doing DVD ripping and DVD decryption, which could also help you to upscale a DVD to Blu-ray.






If you are looking for an alternative to WinX DVD Ripper, you don’t need to look any further than DVDFab DVD Ripper. This article clearly describes the advantages that you get by moving on to DVDFab DVD Ripper. You get not just a DVD Ripper, but a DVD Decrypter, Video Enlarger, an advanced Video Editor and much more!!