top 10 best vhs to dvd converters in 2020 to convert vhs tapes easily to DVD 

Table of Contents

1. How to Convert VHS to DVD

2. Top 10 VHS to DVD Converters [Software and Hardware]

3. Extension: VCR to DVD Converter


Before the advent of DVD, we were all enjoying VHS cassette tapes. Most people's memories were recorded in VHS format; first birthdays, weddings, etc. However, VHS is extremely low-quality compared to what we have right now. Thus, you may want to convert VHS tapes to DVDs so you can bring back exciting memories. Actually, it's no rocket science to convert VHS to DVD, you only need a VHS to DVD converter software or hardware, and the job is done.

This article lists the best VHS to DVD converters, as well as explains how you can convert your old VHS tapes to DVD format using the most reliable tool.

How to Convert VHS to DVD 


1. Using Software Applications 

Before you can use a software application to convert your VHS tape to DVD format; firstly, you have to transfer the VHS video files to your computer and save them there. Getting the VHS files to your computer can require quite a lot of processes. You will need an analogue to digital video capture device, a VCR (Video Cassette Recorder) and a DVD creator software (DVDFab DVD Creator).

The analog to digital video capture device will record your VHS movie (from the VCR) and save it in a digital format on your computer. Then you can use DVDFab DVD Creator software to burn the recorded/captured VHS movie to a blank DVD disc.

DVDFab DVD Creator 

The DVDFab DVD Creator software is a professional app that helps you to digitize your old VHS videos and movies. It supports a wide range of formats and works at a faster speed compared to other alternative programs out there. This VHS to DVD burner is apt and packed with quite many features you would love to explore. 


With DVDFab DVD Creator software, you can create fancy DVD menus for your VHS videos, adjust several advanced settings, as well as preview the video before burning to disc. More interestingly, this software lets you create DVD from various video files irrespective of the format . 


Steps to Convert VHS to DVD Using DVDFab DVD Creator 


First step:

dvdfb dvd creator interface

Download and install DVDFab DVD Creator after you have captured the VHS video using a video capture device. Now, launch DVDFab DVD Creator on your Windows or macOS computer and upload the recorded VHS movie. If you recorded and saved more than one VHS movie, you can upload all of them at a go.


Second step:

dvdfab dvd creator

With the VHS video(s) uploaded to DVDFab DVD Creator's interface, there are quite several adjustments you could do. The advanced settings option opens up a dialogue box where you can set the DVD output type, label, and other settings. On the other hand, the menu option lets you create a nice menu for your VHS menu before converting to DVD.


This software also supports DVD5 and DVD9; select the one you prefer and continue below.


Third step:


Insert a blank DVD disc into your computers DVD ROM and click the “Start” button on DVDFab DVD Creator interface to convert VHS to DVD, check out more about this best VHS to DVD converter here. 


2. Using Hardware Devices 

There are hardware devices that allow you to convert VHS to DVD. If you're lucky to find a VHS/DVD combo; it is the simplest way to convert VHS tapes to DVD. However, this hardware device is very expensive and rare to find .


How to convert VHS tapes to DVD using a combo unit 

  • Buy a combo unit from Amazon or any other store where you can find it.

  • It comes with two ports; one is for VHS tapes, and the other is for DVD discs.

  • Insert your VHS tape in the VHS port and insert a blank DVD disc into the DVD port

  • Press the play button beside the VHS side and press the record button beside the DVD side

  • While your VHS tape will be playing, the movie will be recorded into the DVD disc.


This process can take a lot of time, and you won't be able to create a menu for the resultant DVD movie.

Below are the 10 reliable software apps and hardware units that will allow you to transfer VHS to DVD.


Top 10 VHS to DVD Converters [Software and Hardware] 


Note : for all the software applications listed here, you will need to get the VHS video to your PC using any possible means (most likely, using a video capture device). After you have gotten the VHS movie or video to your PC, then you can use these software apps to convert and burn the file(s) to a blank DVD.

1. DVDFab DVD Creator 

dvdfab dvd creator interface

With DVDFab DVD Creator, you can easily convert and burn your old VHS movies into DVD movies as fast as possible. The software is advanced and offers a variety of features you'll find handy for the need. Also, DVDFab DVD Creators features an intuitive interface, as well as support creating of DVD menus for your movies. It is one of the best VHS to DVD converter software for mac and Windows. Thanks to the clear-cut interface, you could easily access other handy DVDFab video tools seamlessly. 

2. Golden Videos VHS to DVD Converter

golden videos

The Golden Videos VHS to DVD converter software is available for free for Windows users. It is quite an intuitive application that can allow Windows PC users to turn their VHS movies into DVD format. This software supports a variety of formats but does not allow you to create DVD menus for your converted VHS movies. You can download this app from the NCH website. Thanks to the built-in restoration tools, this software will auto-correct your video colors. 

3. Wondershare UniConverter

wondershare uniConverter

This is another impressive software app that helps you to convert VHS tapes to DVD; the user interface is distinctive and easy to understand. Wondershare UniConverter is a professional video software with support for many features and built-in tools. It is a handy tool to use and revive your old memories saved in VHS cassettes. Interesting, this software supports an advanced settings panel and lets you create DVD menus. 


4. Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus

easy vgs to dvd 3 Plus

Roxio offered a complete suite in this package. With this Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus package from Roxio, you could transfer VHS to DVD directly from your camcorder or VCR. This suite is quite advanced and provides you with a video editor that allows you to edit the VHS video, add effect and menu before burning into a blank disc. You can freely tag this suite a VHS to DVD burner software. More interestingly, this Roxio suite is available for mac and Windows computers.


5. Nero Platinum

nero platinum

The Nero Platinum software is a popular video software suite packed with quite a lot of features and tool for video editing and production. It supports different video formats and can help you to convert your old VHS movies to DVD format. Nero Platinum’s interface is such that anybody would easily understand and use. It is generally one of the best VHS to DVD converter software you can get right now.


6. Elgato Video Capture Device

elgato video capture device

This portable video capture device lets you transfer VHS to DVD in a very simple manner. It is a handy gadget you can pocket and move around with. Elgato Video Capture device is compatible with MacBooks and PC. Interestingly, this device captures videos from analog sources in 640 × 480 (4:3) or 640 × 360 (16:9) resolution quality. You can get this device from Amazon; however, it is also available on other stores (offline and online).


7. Funai Combination VCR and DVD Recorder

funai combination vcr and dvd recorder

As a combo unit, this VHS to DVD recorder allows you to directly transfer your VHS tape content to a blank DVD; it records the tape and copies it to the DVD immediately. Particularly, the Funai Combo unit is one of the best you can get for this purpose. Funai VHS to DVD recorder supports a bunch of features you’ll find handy for many reasons.


8. ClearClick Video to Digital Converter

clearclick video to digital converter

The ClearClick Video to Digital Converter is a portable intuitive unit that lets you convert VHS movies or videos to digital formats. It is quite budget-friendly and does not require a computer before you can watch the converted videos. This device can directly record the VHS movie to a flash drive or SD card. It is simply vast and handy.


9. DIGITNOW Video Capture Converter

digitnow video capture converter

One interesting thing about this device is that it works on virtually all computers (Windows and Mac). DIGITNOW Video Capture Converter is a compact device that lets you convert analog videos to digital formats to save on your computer. It is one of the best VHS to DVD converter hardware – quite easy to use and easy to carry along everywhere you go.


10. UCEC Video Capture Card Device

ucec video capture card device

This video capture device will work on any computer that supports USB 2.0 input. It helps to capture analog videos from your VCR and save them on your computer. The device is portable, flexible, and sold at a low price. You can settle for this and subsequently use the DVDFab Video Creator software to burn the recorded VHS movie to DVD.


Extension: VCR to DVD Converter 


Combo units are the best VCR to DVD converter solutions you will find. A combo unit comprises of a Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) channel and a DVD channel. It captures a vide playing on the VCR channel and converts/copies it to a blank disc inserted in the DVD channel.


A typical VCR to DVD Converter that works perfectly for the need is Funai VHS to DVD recorder. This combo unit is reliable; however, it is very expensive.