Table of Contents

Part 1. What is NHK BS4K, NHK BS8K, and BDAV?
Part 2. Top 3 4K Recorders to Record NHK BS4K or BS8K Channel Program
Part 3. Rip Recorded NHK BS4K Or BS8K Discs
Part 4. Copy Recorded NHK BS4K Or BS8K Discs
Part 5. Why Choose DVDFab 4K Recorder Copy or Ripper
Part 6. Summary


As smarter tech systems and devices keep emerging, a lot of software innovations are emerging too. Nowadays, you can record streams in Blu-ray discs, and when you do that, the video is called a BDAV file, and it's usually saved with .m2ts extension.


There are only but a handful of software programs out there that support the BDAV format, of which DVDFab 12 is the best to use. Also, if you do stream NHK BS4K channel or BS8K channel and have them recorded in Blu-ray discs, DVDFab 4K Recorder Copy/Ripper will help you copy or rip the discs' content to digital formats.


What is NHK BS4K, NHK BS8K, and BDAV?


These three (3) file formats would be mentioned throughout this article; it is important that you understand them.


1.  NHK BS4K


BS4K is a streaming program provided by NHK. It is a channel where NHK provides 4K digital content to its viewers. The BS4K channel broadcasts up to 18 hours in a day. It is a channel to watch interesting videos in Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) quality.


2.  NHK BS8K

Similar to BS4K, NHK BS8K is a UHDTV channel that shows premium UHD content. The channels streams for up to 12 hours in Japan. NHK BS8K is the world's first 8K UHDTV TV channel and also the first 8K TV channel from NHK. Programs streamed on this channel include dramas, concerts, nature discoveries, etc.


3.  BDAV


BDAV is the acronym for Blu-ray Disc Audio-Video. It is the file format for home-recorded Blu-ray videos. This file format supports the .m2ts extension. Thus, when you see a .m2ts file, the content is a home-recorded Blu-ray video.


However, BDAV format videos are without menus and titles. BDAV videos are typically recorded with AVCHD camcorders. Some top brands that have AVCHD camcorders are Sony, Canon, and Panasonic. There are other cameras out there that record high-definition videos in BDAV format (.m2ts).



Top 3 4K Recorders to Record NHK BS4K or BS8K Channel Program


Some smart TVs come with a recording function that allows you to record what's showing on the screen. Also, there are some set-top boxes that provide you with the option to record NHK BS4K or BS8K channels.


1. Modern TVs With Recording Function


If your HDTV supports a recording feature, you can record your favorite content when it's aired on NHK BS4k/BS8K channels. Depending on the HDTV, the recorded video quality will vary, and the format may vary too. This method is free and easy but limited to a few televisions. So, if your TV support recording, it can be your BS4K recorder.


2. Sumitomo Cable Plus STB-2


The Sumitomo Cable Plus STB-2 is a set-top box for cable TV. It supports NHK BS4K broadcasting; thus, providing you with the flexibility to personalize your cable TV streaming experience. This set-top box can record two programs while another is being played on your screen.


As you can expect from a set-top box, the Cable Plus STB-2 supports Google Assistant, which allows you to use voice controls to trigger actions. There are many features of this box, but you'd love to know that it receives 4K TLV streams transmitted in single 256QAM or multiple 64QAM. This BS4K recorder is handy and intuitive.


3. DVRs


DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) help to record TV programs. You can use them to record BS4K and BS8K channels. There are lots of DVRs out there in the market and that are packed with different features. Thus, you should check out the features before buying a particular unit.


These are the three ways to record NHK BS4K programs. After you have recorded the videos, you can transfer them to DVDFab 12 and turn them into digital videos that could play on portable devices.


Rip Recorded NHK BS4K Or BS8K Discs


DVDFab 4K Recorder Ripper is the first-ever software that supports BDAV ripping, as well as supports BS4K and CS4K recording formats. This software can read videos recorded with different kinds of recording devices from different top brands.



The Essence of DVDFab 4K Recorder Copy/Ripper


NHK BS4k and NHK BS8K videos can be recorded using certain devices or HDTVs with recording function. Now, when you record BS4K and BS8K programs, you will need to rip the content to general video formats so that they can be played back on most devices.


Hence, DVDFab 4K Recorder Copy/Ripper helps to transform your BS4K/BS8K recorded videos to other generally acceptable formats. To record NHK BS4K programs, you need a BS4K recording device or a BS8K recording device (if you want to record the 8K channel).


Also, DVDFab 4K Recorder Copy/Ripper accepts BDAV formats and rips them to digital formats for playback on mobile devices or systems.


After recording content from the NHK BS4K channel using a BS4K recorder, you can use DVDFab's free BDAV Ripping software to convert the recorded file to general formats that could play on mobile devices, PCs, and video players.


How To Rip BDAV Videos With DVDFab 4K Recorder Ripper


4K Recorder Ripper


Firstly, you need to download the DVDFab 4K Recorder Ripper software and install it on your Windows PC or MacBook. Afterward, launch the program and follow the steps below.


  • Click on the "Ripper" module

  • Upload the recorded video files'

  • Choose an output profile (MP4, MKV, etc.). There are lots of formats supported by DVDFab 4K Recorder Ripper.

  • Select where you want to save the ripped video (the option is at the bottom of the software window).

  • Use the "Advanced Settings" option to tweak and adjust important settings for your video

  • Click "Start" after you're done customizing the uploaded videos.


Note: you can upload multiple videos at a go as DVDFab 4K Recorder Ripper supports batch uploading and batch processing.


Copy Recorded NHK BS4K Or BS8K Discs


Similar to what's explained above, DVDFab 4K Recorder Copy allows you to copy BS4k recordings to ISO or video folders. The software is packed with a couple of features for its need. It works as a free BDAV copy software, as well as supports BS8K recorded videos.


Interestingly, DVDFab 4K Recorder Copy can read files recorded with different Panasonic and Sony camcorders. It is also compatible with most 4K recorders' format. Below is how to use this free BDAV copy software to turn .m2ts videos into ISO or video folders.


How To Copy BDAV Format Videos With DVDFab 4K Recorder Copy


BDAV Format


Again, you need to download and install on your system (Windows or Mac). Afterward, follow the steps below.


  • Launch the program (DVDFab 12) and click on "Copy."

  • Upload the recorded videos (you can upload as many as possible, thanks to batch processing).

  • Choose a "Copy" mode by clicking the "Profile Switcher" icon.

  • Visit the "Advanced Settings" panel if you wish to adjust/change some settings for your video.

  • Select an output folder where your video will be saved.

  • Click "Start" and wait for the copying process to complete.


DVDFab 4K Recorder Copy displays a real-time copying process, and you can run multiple tasks at a go. Importantly, you need a 4K UHD drive to use and load the disc that contains the recorded 4K videos.


Why Choose DVDFab 4K Recorder Copy or Ripper


DVDFab 4K Recorder Copy and DVDFab 4K Recorder Ripper are two different solutions that help to rip or copy homemade 4K videos. They are the best free BDAV copying software and free BDAV ripping software, respectively. Both software work in the same way, which is, upload >>> choose a mode/profile >>> customize >>> save >>> start.


Also, DVDFab 4K Recorder Copy is the first software program that supports BDAV ripping/copying. It can read homemade video files from various camcorders and 4K recording devices. DVDFab 12 is able to decrypt and backup all 4K BDAV Blu-ray discs or rip them to digital media formats such as MP4, MKV, etc.




This article lists some of the best BS4K recorders to foster BS4K recording or BS8K recording. DVDFab 4K Recorder Ripper/Copy handles all BDAV formats, which includes .m2ts and .mmts. So, if you've got homemade 4K videos you'd love to clone, copy, or rip to digital formats, DVDFab's software provides a bunch of resources for your need.


The interface features by DVDFab 4K Recorder Ripper/Copy are superb and easily understood by anyone. Also, there are other interesting features you'd love to explore.