Cinavia protection is now present in all-new Blu-ray and DVD players that are in the market. It is a copy protection that has been compulsorily present on all DVD and Blu-ray players since 2012. Its purpose is to prevent the release of movies recorded in theatres on the internet or on personal devices. It also prevents making copies of legitimate discs. But, how can you detect Cinavia?


Cinavia is audio-based protection. These are audio watermarks present on the audio of the media at different locations. These watermarks don’t alter the audio quality in any noticeable way. But, when you record or transfer the media to another storage, a Cinavia detector is able to detect this change. It even detects when a movie intended for the theatre is being played on a personal device. When it is detected that the audio playing is an unauthorized copy of the original, you get a message - Cinavia Message Code 1 and Cinavia Message Code 3. This is accompanied by audio going on mute and your entertainment halting then and there.




1. Why Remove Cinavia From Purchased DVD and Blu-ray?


Making a backup of your purchased DVDs and Blu-ray for personal use is not illegal in many countries. However, for the exact law, you should read through the laws in your country. If your country allows such backups, you are free to make copies of even Cinavia protected discs. But the question arises, how to fix cinavia message code 3? There are various ways along with the best Cinavia removal software that can accomplish this task. What we need to focus on are methods which keep the audio quality intact while doing Cinavia removal.


2. How to Remove Cinavia Protection


Method 1: Simple Hacks?


For those with some knowledge of audio engineering, a few possible hacks can be tried. Distorting the audio by addition of distortion, changing bit rate, modifying frequency or by changing the format of the audio are a few ideas from the top. If you think it would be so easy, the industry itself would have never used this protection. What you need is the best Cinavia removal software which makes sure that no trace is left of Cinavia watermarks. Cinavia protections are regularly improved by its developers. To keep pace with these advancements, you need a utility which gets regular updates to counter them.


Method 2: Old Blu-ray and DVD players


Before Cinavia was introduced in 2012, Blu-ray and DVD players had no Cinavia protection built-in. This means if you own such an old player and it still works fine, you might not want to replace it and keep using it to play all your new Blu-ray and DVD purchases. Since there is no Cinavia detector built in the systems, discs with Cinavia protection will play normally.


Method 3: DVDFab Cinavia Removal


DVDFab is the world’s renown brand for removing Cinavia infection and generating DVDs and Blu-rays without any quality loss. It is the best Cinavia removal software that replaces the Cinavia infected audio track with an audio track that plays on any device even with the latest Cinavia detector. Let’s see how to remove Cinavia protection from Blu-ray and then from DVD.




See Step to Remove Cinavia with the  Best Cinavia Removal Tool for Blu-ray


DVDFab Cinavia removal will work with any DVDFab mode that works on Blu-rays. You can make use of DVDFab Blu-ray Copy, DVDFab DVD Blu-ray Ripper and of DVDFab Blu-ray to DVD converter.


Step 1: Load the Blu-ray


Insert the Blu-ray disc in your Blu-ray reader. You won’t be able to proceed with the below steps if you don’t have a Blu-ray disc reader on your computer. You can also load a ISO but even then you will need a BD reader for Cinavia removal to work.


Step 2. Launch DVDFab software


Download and install the software if you already don’t have it on your computer. When you launch the application, it will detect the Blu-ray already inserted in the drive and will try to read it. If the Blu-ray is in an ISO format, you can drag and drop it on the DVDFab screen. DVDFab detects Cinavia protections on the Blu-ray and shows you a screen like below.




As it says, you can use any of the 3 modules for Cinavia removal with the only limitation that you won't be able to do video trimming, chapter selection and use audiocopy/Passthrough when doing Cinavia removal.


Step 3. Select Cinavia Protected Audio for Protection Removal


From the audio selection dropdown, select the Cinavia infected audio. It will have a Cinavia logo alongside it. Click on the logo till you see a red slash mark across the logo. Choose BD50 or BD25 as the output size.





You can do other customization as well which will be available if you are using DVDFab Converter. You will be able to select the playback menu, playback mode, volume label, etc. Those options which won’t work with Cinavia removal will be disabled.


Step 4. Start conversion


From the bottom section of the screen select the file output directory where the generated Blu-ray will be stored. The last step, click on the Start button to start the generation of Blu-ray. Blu-rays are large in size so expect the processes to take from a few minutes to hours to complete.





At the end of the process, you get a Blu-ray copy that is permanently free from Cinavia and has a lossless DTS-HD audio track. You get an audio quality equal to the original.


Method 4: CineEx HD Utility


Your Blu-ray or DVD player won’t ever give you the message - “cinavia message code 3” again if you use CineEx HD Utility. It is touted as a great companion for DVDFab users to remove Cinavia from discs. It creates a copy of your source disc or ISO by keeping the video as it is but replacing the audio track with one without Cinavia protection.





It does not support any other protection removals like decrypting, removing the region codes and AACs. So, if your disc needs only Cinavia removal, it is one of the best choices to go for. But chances are that your modern Blu-ray will have more layers of protection for which you will need something like DVDFab.


Method 5: CloneBD


As the name goes, CloneBD is a Blu-ray clone creating utility. It can be used independently for creating copies of unprotected Blu-ray. But, if you want to get rid of the Cinavia message code 3, you need to team it up with AnyDVD HD. With AnyDVD HD, you will get the option to do Cinavia removal in combination with CloneBD.





Truly there has some downside of this method. First, you need to make use of 2 tools which work together to remove the Cinavia message code 3. The second problem is that there is an obvious downgrade in the audio quality of the Cinavia free Blu-ray. This is because of the conversion of the audio during the Cinavia removal process. And the last problem is that it doesn't work on DVDs.



3. Conclusion


This was our list of the best cinavia removal software that gets rid of the Cinavia message code 3. If you are using a new Blu-ray or DVD player, you have to make use of the best cinavia removal software if you want to make a copy of your original disc. And there is no doubt that if you want to remove Cinavia in the simplest way possible without losing any media quality, DVDFab Cinavia Removal tool is the best option out there.